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I’m Carrie Montgomery, and I adore helping women heal by finding the beauty within themselves that’s just waiting to flourish. I’ve taken a long, winding road to get here, where I feel comfortable in my soul, body and how I present both to the world.

I’ve struggled with body issues for decades. I’ve battled chronic illnesses for years, advocated for myself through a medical system that treats women as if we’re crazy and endured dozens of painful surgeries. I’ve overcome sexual assault and abusive relationships. And I’ve searched everywhere outside myself for love and acceptance, from my career choices to the bottom of my closet.

I thought I wasn’t enough being me. I thought I wasn’t worth it. I thought I was stupid. I thought I was annoying. I’ve spent a lifetime learning to trust myself. The process isn’t straightforward. But when you trust yourself, miracles begin to happen. You learn what you desire. And you manifest those desires.

I’m so many things: a daughter, sister, friend, lover, dog mom, stylist, visionary, big thinker, survivor, Jane of all trades...the list goes on! But we’re each so much more than any of the labels we carry.

In my darkest moments, I found solace in art and style. I grew up consciously curating my environment, learning from a mother and grandmother who were interior designers. I’ve spent time in the art auction houses and design studios, and I’ve grown up studying the fashionable, bustling worlds of New York and London.

I’ve worked on major film sets, rubbed elbows with A-listers, used my PR prowess to turn around struggling businesses and been entrusted with high-powered deals from some of the world’s most upscale brands.

But my real talent lies in combining all these skills to help you love yourself and adorn that powerful woman the way she deserves to be seen.

Fashion is how you present yourself to the world. It’s how you tell others who you are, how to treat you and how you want others to feel in your presence.

And you can’t do that until you know yourself in a deeper way. I’ll help you connect with that buried essence of you and use that information to show up for yourself — and those who depend on you — and get dressed for empowerment every day because I learned how to do it the hard way.

I invite you to discover who you truly are right at this moment and present her fully to the world. I’ll show you how to heal yourself with style and how to get fashion to work for your lifestyle.

Getting dressed shouldn’t feel like putting on a costume. Learn to dress the perfect body waiting within your gorgeous soul.

It's time to up-level you, your business and your life.

You deserve to feel confident and beautiful in every aspect of your life and business. Together, we’ll get you wardrobe-ready for your business launch, photo shoot, speaking gig or just showing up more fully each and every day of your life.

  • I ran the film union office for the State of New Mexico, where I gained on-set experience with multi-million-dollar productions and A-list celebrities.
  • I used my PR, marketing and sales skills to reposition small businesses and increase their bottom line in Maine.
  • I moved to Hawaii for my client Ritz-Carlton to sell their hotel, the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua.
  • I loved hard, worked hard and played hard in New York City, where I taught supplementation and lifestyle medicine to doctors and patients.
  • My creative light turned on when I moved to Maine in 2013. Friends asked for styling help, and those favors turned into a thriving business and a regular editorial column with Old Port Magazine.

The Heart & soul of style

comes from the inside out.

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