Create Your New Vision

Are you about to have a re-branding photo shoot?

You love what you do. You have finally found your genius zone. Your business is working. It's growing, and you're growing out of it.

You have worked tirelessly at building your vision and you are in the next big phase of investments. I know the headache of every little task and logistic. That is why you are so smart to have a team of people functioning in their own genius zones on your behalf.

Seriously, it takes a village.

With your empire on the horizon you absolutely do not have the bandwidth or desire to figure out how to match your fashion to your brand and pick out clothes for your next big photo shoot.  

Let me be your style maven. Together we will get you to the next level. We will:

Identify who you are in your brand.

Define your Brand Essence.

Build your Style Roadmap.

Get ready to shop.

Find your true fit.


The Flow

Let's get to know you! Before our first call I'll send you:

  • Your Success Strategy Worksheet 

  • Your Personal Brand Style Questionnaire

  • Your Style Manifesto Guidelines

  • Your own private "My Style" Pinterest Board where you'll add at least 10 images


Here's where the MAGIC HAPPENS. We jump on a call and walk through your BRAND, your LIFE and your STYLE.

Together we curate your personalized, private "My Style" Pinterest Board. We break through any image and body blocks you may have. We find the fit, cut and look you deeply desire to wear.

  • You will see new ways of finding yourself and your personal style.

  • You will feel inspired and invigorated to get into your new look.

  • You will attract the dream clients you have so desired to connect with.

  • You will uncover and open up to your unique and true Untethered Beauty.


Now I get to work on your STYLE ROADMAP. Between our first and second calls we will continue to collaborate on Pinterest. Once we nail the look, we will confirm the essence of your TRUE STYLE with a STYLE ROADMAP.  


Here is where it gets really fun. I will build your Personal Brand Look Book. This is a representation of YOU and your BRAND, and you can shop from it directly.

Once you get the Look Book we will jump back on the phone and make it all happen.


  • Each Brand Essence Category will have multiple options to choose from.

  • You get to select what feels right and best for your TRUE STYLE.

  •  I will guide you through unexpected highlights and push you outside your comfort zone to new limits to find your deeper Untethered Beauty.

  • I will reveal my gift of seeing what you may have trouble seeing inside yourself.

  • We will review the fundamentals of the Untethering by tackling your limiting beliefs about what you can and cannot wear.


It's time to BUY. You purchase all the confirmed items from the Look Book.


Once you have received and unboxed the clothes you ordered, we get on Skype and do a 2-hour FITTING.

  • This will be our most challenging, INTIMATE and MAGICAL time together.

  • You try on EVERY outfit, and I coach you through them.

  • We get to Untether old stories about what you can and cannot wear. We will deepen your experience and step outside your comfort zone to discover what is most Beautiful.

  • We will select what is most BEAUTIFUL and BADASS for your body and brand.


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