You are 90 minutes away from creating a flawless connection between your personal style and professional brand

Do you ever look in the mirror and think to yourself: "do I embody my brand and my business, how should that be reflected on my website and how I dress? What am I saying visually to the world about who I am? I’m the centre of my business brand, my clients love me, and I love them. But who I am isn’t reflected in my looks OR my brand.  What am I saying visually to the world about who I am? And how can I make a seamless connection between my appearance and my brand while still being authentic?"

Is there a disconnect between who you are online who you are in person?

Do you lack confidence when stepping out in your business?

Do the Diva Demons take over and keep you playing small?

Do you end up devaluing your purpose, silencing yourself and shutting down?

I so get it. Many of my clients are ready to step into bigger shoes and hold larger containers for their business. They realize they do not feel confident about how they look and know that they need guidance to bring a new aesthetic in their business and life. They know they need to do this from the inside out.

Style is a direct reflection of your personal brand.

Personal style is an extension of your professional brand and I bet you never thought your clothes would be part of your business vision. Guess what? They are.

Everyone needs a ROAD MAP to fulfill their dreams.

Creating your personal style can be a lonesome, confusing road. Feeling confident about what looks good and feels good is a real challenge.

It doesn't have to be - I've got your back!

How many times have you been in front of the MONSTROUS MIRROR with zero idea whether the clothes you’re wearing even feel like you? And no idea what DOES feel like you?

Let's change that and find YOUR TRUE STYLE STORY.

Ever think of working with a Personal Brand Stylist?

I am Carrie Montgomery and I am your Personal Brand Stylist for thriving female entrepreneurs.

I believe personal style is about curating your life's preferences, needs and desires.

It is a feeling that speaks for itself.

Personal style comes from knowing yourself and what feels beautiful to you.

It is a form of communication.

It is a visual representation of who you are.

It’s the first statement you make when you meet someone or when they peruse your site.

I style for:

Savypreneurs with bold hearts desiring a fresh look for their brand.

Women running their “empires” who need a style plan to look good and feel good.


Up-and-coming biz whizzes about to blow up who are looking to create their next big bang.

Here’s what I do.

I create a space for you to show up more fully.  I help bring your brand vision to life. I take all of your messaging, your current personal and biz blocks and your vision to create Your Personal Style Story. I create a pathway for your inner beauty to shine outwardly and I use clothes to do that. I make it more simple for you to get dressed and show up to make an impact in the world.

"Style is something very individual,

very personal, and in their own way,

I believe everyone is stylish." ~ Salman Khan

You know how important this is. Your business depends on it. Your clients are waiting for you to impact their lives.

Investing in your business and brand can be a scary process. Sometimes we need to take baby steps to get our feet wet. That's why this intro offer is a great way to learn how to curate your vision of your business and life. Let me help you find the right LOOK and FIT for you!

Just like Amber did:




Here is what you Get:

Personal Branding Intake
90 min 1-1 style story coaching call
Your Personalized MIC drop manifesto

Here's what our 1-1 time together looks like:


Leading up to our 1-1 time, you will work on :

  • Define Your Dream Client Worksheet

  • Personal Brand Style Questionnaire

  • My Style Manifesto Guidelines

  • Your own private "My Style" Pinterest Board where we will be working together.


Here's where the magic happens!

Together we CURATE your personalized, private "My Style" Pinterest Board. We break through any image and body blocks you may have that are holding you back in business and life. We find your TRUE FIT - the cut and look you deeply desire to wear.  We define your flawless style story to attract your dream clients.

  • You will see new ways of finding yourself and your personal style.

  • You will feel inspired and invigorated to get into your new look.

  • You will attract the dream clients you have so desired to connect with.

As we complete the call you will have a go-to reference on Pinterest. This begins your style journey.  The program will create the allure you desire to manifest.  The more attention and time you put into the details you learn, the more your Personal Brand Style will grow.

You’ll will receive your personalized MIC DROP MANIFESTO guiding you to how enhance YOUR future flawless look. You'll continue to grow your Personal Brand Style with your new go-to reference on Pinterest. 

Here's What Our Group Time Together Looks Like:


Projecting your truth from the fabric of your brand


Positioning Your Power Moves


Harnessing the Power of Your  Story


How to magnetize your soul on your sleeve


Embody your brand and lead from your edge


The influencers almanac for courageous moves


Stepping into your wild soul

Each week we will meet and create breakthrough moments for you to find the Alluring Beauty you desire to step in to.   Let's Magnify Your Body, Brand and Soul.


Free Fascination Advantage Identity

Your Personal Brand Photo Shoot Prep Checklist

Your "How to Source Your Look" Worksheet

Your Quality and Value Guidelines


Is it time to get FLAWLESS? 

Your style is unique and so is your business. Let’s create your personal style that matches your mesmerizing brand.