to finding your True Style inside and out

It's Time For You To Shine In Business And Life. 

You Can Look Good And Feel Good Doing It, Too. 


(Let me reintroduce myself.)

Hi, I'm Carrie Montgomery. 

I've tried on a few pairs of pants to get to where I am today. I am here to help you find the right pair now!

I bet the last time you decided to invest in your business you were left standing naked.  

Who has time to figure out what clothes go with your brand new website and dream business?

Honestly, when you re-brand your business the process leaves you shaking in your boots in a momentary identity crisis.

I know you have thought......

Who am I?

What am I saying to the world?

Where am I going?

How big can I take this dream?

Am I being authentic?

What is stopping me?

Frankly, what you wear is caught up in that crisis, too.  

I know you want to be unique and shine your light to create change in the world, and you want to be STYLISH, too. Not so much "on trend" but aligned with what FITS for YOU. So it's true, you probably don't know what to wear. You question what looks good. You quiver at the thought of having to manage the whole process by yourself.

Style is your identity.

Let's solve your style paradox to find your True Style and your Unique Edge.  

Taking the front seat in your brand imaging requires diligence and responsibility. Standing in front of the camera, getting on stage, and showing up to network can take all you've got. No more cold sweats and a soft whisper of a voice coming out of you - when you know what to wear and have a STYLE ROAD MAP, all those fears can fade away.  

My desire is to guide you to confidence and clarity.

Imagine yourself on stage with a glimmer in your eye, running your hand through your hair, and standing with your shoulders back and heart lifted.  

You are leading the audience with your vision.  

You walk across the stage to make your final point, and the crowd cheers with excitement. You never once thought, "Was I wearing the right thing?" Instead, you know you nailed it!

We will untether your beauty together and change the world.

If you desire more clarity and confidence in your Personal Brand Style....

Rose Gold_0009_Layer 8.jpg
Let's work together

To Solve The Dilemma Of:

- How Should I Look?

- What Should I Wear?

- What Is My Brand Saying About Me?

I love to help women get on brand wardrobe-ready for their next big shoot, conference, or book tour. 

You are ready to take front seat in your business and life.

Success breeds from the inside out and the outside in, you too can have it all. Aligning your personal style with your brand is a meeting of the mind, body and spirit.  

Let me be your guide.



If you have a thriving business and are looking to get clarity on your LOOK.

If you desire to feel more confident about how you look and what you wear.

If you're looking to learn more about your personal style.

If you desire support in creating a new LOOK.

If you are ready to invest in a more successful you.

If you are comfortable sharing your fears about how you look and feel.

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