Are you Edgy, super Independent, totally Unpredictable with an Entrepreneurial Spirit?  Sounds like a Passionate Rebel.

A little bit about purpose and my BIG WHY...

What is passion?

adjective: passionate

showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief.

You have a zest for life sometimes know as Intense or Fervent maybe even Wild.  You attract people around you through Animated Spirited communication.  Sometimes when off balance you can come across Heated, Emotional or Frenzied.  With that said you have a way of conveying pure Excitement and authentic Enthusiasm in a Fiery way.  You are oh so eager to get going with the next step in life, maybe even a little impatient.

My desire is for you to find your truest expression of self, your deepest passion for life and create a rocking maverick business to fulfill your ultimate dream lifestyle.  Now you know a little about your passion, lets understand your 

Rebel side.

What is a rebel?

noun: rebel

1. a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or ruler.

You are a genuine authentic Creative Spirit.  In traditional jobs this can get in the way.  You have Revolutionary ideas that could change the world.  It has been proven time and again that you are an Out of the Box Thinker.  Knowing you have a Nonconforming personality can be challenging.  Embracing your inner Style may just be the Best Risk you have ever taken.  Or you may be rebelling against me and have no idea why.

The passionate rebel lifestyle is built around principles of balance, security, freedom and adventure.  We are creative spirits that explore the world through sensory experiences.  Sometimes we get caught up in someone else’s plan or game.  This to the passionate rebel is like prison.  Life for the sake of creation, but rational tells us to be responsible, take the secure job, settle down, its all about compromise.  

Is that true?  If you only have one shot (YOLO) do you want to feel boxed in, caged or barred down?  If you could life the life that you want what would it be?  If you already are then sit back and chill, if not lets get digging to clear a path of connectivity, fulfillment and adventure.