Carrie is bursting with style, enthusiasm, and a work ethic that is unsurpassed.  She has been a stylist on many of my videos and photoshoots and has over delivered every time. She and her work are a treasure.  Plus she's fun! Christiane Northrup MD NY Times bestselling author of Goddesses Never Age



Carrie is a total pro who over delivered beyond my wildest expectations. She is an absolutely joy to work with and her well trained eye helped me feel beautiful and comfortable.   Kate Northrup

Carrie's ability to see in to the hearts of her clients and translate it in to physical design and personal style is pure magic.  Having Carrie on set on the day of my photo shoot was a total game changer.  Her attention to detail and flair created, not only took my wardrobe to the next level, but presented a beautiful set for my photos that beautifully reflected my brand.  Carrie is an artist with the ability to bring my vision to life, while simultaneously making me feel empowered in the process.   
— Amber Lilyestrom, Branding Coach & Business Strategist, Host of the Soul Fueled CEO™ Podcast

Carrie is amazing. I had the honor and privilege of working 1:1 with her in person prior to my photo shoot and she totally changed my life... Right there in the dressing room. 

She helped me see ME. 

She helped me take the fashion and looks that I like and make them work for me.  She had me try on things I never would have pulled off the rack, but I ended up LOVING. 

She taught me about colors, tones and lines and why which ones work and which ones don't.  She even convinced me to invest in a better bra, which makes a huge difference. 

Hire Carrie to support your process.  It's worth... Every. Single. Penny. And more! 

The confidence you feel when your clothes fit like a second skin feels so good. And when you FEEL good you LOOK good. I felt like I could do anything on the day of my photo shoot.   — Heidi Symonds, Health and Lifestyle Coach

I hired Carrie to help me prep for a photoshoot.  What I thought was just a simple styling meeting turned into a three hour lesson on branding, styling, messaging, sales and so much more.

Because my styling session was so amazing I hired her to help style my photoshoot - within an hour I had changed her title to creative director for Christina Neuner Inc.!  Her insights and ideas were spot on.  She jumped in head first and took charge and I was amazed!  There was so much to think about being the subject of the photoshoot and the head of your business - it's overwhelming.  However, with Carrie there, I could simply focus on taking a good photo and she took care of everything else!  The photos were amazing and spot on with me brand.

Working with Carrie is amazing.  If you want to get to the heart of the matter, the root cause, the core of the issue, she will guide you there.  She sees your vision even when it isn't quite clear to you.  She holds your hand and walks you down the path, making you feel confident and clear.

I truly do not know where my business would be without her.  She has an amazing gift at seeing a vision and making it happen.   — Christina Neuner,  Mamaperneur  

Carrie has an innate ability to bring together all of her incredible talents to create ease and confidence where I was previously shaking in my boots. From styling my clothing for my video shoot to coaching me through the discomfort of being on camera to giving me the confidence to deliver my message, she made me feel safe and secure as I stretched myself well beyond my comfort zone on video. 

But, being a Stylist and Director is just as part of what she does and who she is.  Part of what makes Carrie so special is her ability to look holistically at your brand and your message, and see your unique genius in it, and then helps you feel safe stepping into it.  She draws on her knowledge of health and healing, marketing, sales, design, styling, directing, modeling and combines it with her kindness and generosity of spirit to help you feel and BE the best version of who you are - whether on film or not. Working with Carrie was one of the biggest gifts I received as she helped me launch my first online legal course for entrepreneurs and get over my fears in a way that has shifted my business forever.   — Lisa Fraley, Legal Coach

"I came to Carrie because she rocks!  She has what I want so I knew I should ask her how to get "it"!  Carrie is positive and uses think outside the box methods to find new perspectives and solutions."   — Isa D.

"Carrie holds a special gift for the practical AND spiritual.  She is able to bring that blend beautifully into 'business and development' which for me is essential and an exciting part of the lifestyle of the new entrepreneur paradigm."   — Martine R.

“Carrie holds radiant beauty - CONFIDENCE - Successful Attitude- She is Sensual - driven yet able to self care - stylish - funny - sophisticated – bold, I ADORE CARRIE!”   —Beth S.