Desire Style Closet Cleanse

Style begins in the closet

A 5-Step System to Simplify + Streamline the Process of Getting Dressed (and always look incredible)


This is for anyone who craves ease and clarity when they get dressed in the morning. 

Maybe you....

  • Feel like you hate opening your closet and seeing the mess and chaos in there 

  • Feel like you have a closet full of clothes but absolutely nothing to wear 

  • Feel like nothing in your wardrobe is really you or like there are at least 5 different people represented in your closet 

  • Feel overwhelmed by shopping because you never know what to choose 

  • Feel disconnected from the clothes you put on your body and know they don’t show the world who you really are


Closet Cleanse is a 5-step system

for simplifying and streamlining the process

of getting dressed in the morning



your style vision


your style vision


everything that doesn’t fit your vision


your closet


and build a baseline wardrobe for your newly defined style vision



Carrie is a total pro who over delivered beyond my wildest expectations. She is an absolutely joy to work with and her well trained eye helped me feel beautiful and comfortable. 

— Kate Northrup




Carrie's ability to see in to the hearts of her clients and translate it in to physical design and personal style is pure magic. Having Carrie on set on the day of my photo shoot was a total game changer. Her attention to detail and flair created, not only took my wardrobe to the next level, but presented a beautiful set for my photos that beautifully reflected my brand. Carrie is an artist with the ability to bring my vision to life, while simultaneously making me feel empowered in the process. 

— Amber Lilyestrom, Branding Coach & Business Strategist, Host of the Soul Fueled CEO™ Podcast

Get the Closet Cleanse Now

  • 5 videos 

  • 5 guided worksheets 

  • A repeatable system that you can to transform your closet into your style sanctuary (and keep it organized too) 

  • A clearly defined style vision that allows you to confidently show up in the world cause we both know that just looking the part is half the battle 


Ready to make choosing what you wear in the morning the easiest part of your day?