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Hey Beauty,

A few years ago, I was out of touch with my body.  I was so disconnected. It was hard to stay present, grounded, and comfortable in my skin.  As I created the Somatic Dressing Method™ and connected more deeply to my body’s needs and answered them with my clothing choices on a daily basis, I had an awakening.

I realized that in order to improve your life, you have to express your whole self. We, women, have a hard time understanding style. That’s the clothes we show up to business meetings, interviews, and dates in. We feel guilty investing in our wardrobe, yet our first impression is the very thing that brings home the bacon.

That’s because we’re so disconnected to our bodies.

It’s hard to realize how worth it we are. Instead we fixate on magazines and Instagram to tell us what to wear. That’s where we’ve gone wrong.

I lead women on a journey to the heart and soul of their style.  We wake up their style tiger that was sleeping underneath all the wrong clothes.  I lead them to a place where they can sensually feel their bodies and feel safe.

Do you know how you want to feel in your body?

Deep down your body craves to feel expressed.  It craves to feel present. It desires tenderness and connection. It loves the sensation of fulfillment.
Yes, all that is the feeling of being satisfied inside and out.

Do you feel satisfied?

Many times on the journey to reach your heart’s desires, we go on a rollercoaster ride.  We soar high and then come crashing down. This up and down can be exhausting, but it’s also part of the human condition.

We feel deeply.  

We feel the good things and we feel the bad things.  When you learn that your negative emotions are just your body’s way of recognizing that you have a deeply positive desire and the contrast you feel means your desire is not met.

You can change this sensation by connecting with your body and serving it in micro ways to guide yourself towards your dreams.

I do this with style.

Inside… body, emotions, energy.

Outside… body, vibe, presence.

How you feel can’t be hidden, so learn to cultivate your vibe with style.  Learn to embrace your body and express your soul. Wake up your style tiger.

Activating your style tiger means feeling in and learning to express yourself with clothing, your true style.

Grab your free Heart & Soul of Style Guided Meditation.  Get started on waking your style tiger.  Feel into your body. Let go. Let your body guide you to the fit & feel it needs to be as effective and powerful as possible!

I love helping women uncover their true soul style. It’s been there all along. Together, we tune into your magical essence, so the world can see the amazing woman you’ve become.

Stay tuned for new convos (aka The Podcast Getting Dressed with Carrie Montgomery) coming soon! We’ll continue the conversation on style and the most dreaded question of all: “What do I wear?”





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