Are you ready for visibility?

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Hey beauty!

Are you pulling your hoodie over your head right now? Is your inner child kicking and screaming, “I don’t want anyone to see me!”?

If you’re hiding from yourself and the world (I know, shhh, it’s a secret), the success you have been dreaming of will be delayed. You may even be waiting for a train that will never arrive. We call that “derailed dreams” over here.

Picture your coming-out party. You and your peeps (tribe) all gathered at your perfectly designed party to celebrate your latest book. You had envisioned your body feeling lit up with excitement. Your heart pounding with joy. Your soul filled with bliss.

But all you can feel is fear. The fraud squad is beating at your door.

The hardest part about being visible is to love yourself through every step.

You will feel…








But you will have to do it anyway.

Finding the balance between transparency, authenticity, vulnerability and self-protection is the true dance of your life and work.

It’s true you must… vulnerable to win hearts. authentic to earn trust. transparent to open doors. self-protective to survive.

Even though this sounds like a list of contradictions, it actually reveals the complex dynamics of success.

As we say over here at Carrie Montgomery HQ, “Go high, go low, but don't forget to glow!”

You might be thinking, “When will the floodgates of creativity open so I can succeed?”


“When will the support I truly need arrive?”

Are you thinking that you’re working hard, but it isn’t all coming together as you had dreamed?

So what brings you closer, stronger, more connected so that you can produce your best work ever?

Your body.

Your body is the most intelligent informant alive. It's your unique guidance system. It's your way to safely open up and identify what needs to be seen and heard.

Have you ever walked off stage after sharing your heartfelt secrets to success and felt the wave of utter fear flooding through you? That’s vulnerability shame.

The worst kind of hangover from being honest, motivated, and transformative.

What if I told you it didn't have to be this way?

What if I told you the story starts with your body? Your body is the container for your soul. Once we know your story and set your soul free, we know how to embrace your style.

What if I told you that you can embrace your body and dress to protect yourself? You can dress to enhance your story. You can dress to release your fears.

Clothing creates a kinetic experience of wearing your soul. That’s why I created The Somatic Dressing Method™. This is how we use style to heal our bodies, our stories, and our souls.

If you are ready to take the leap, get visible, and make massive impact, then let’s chat. I have opened up a handful of half-day intensives! Jump on a call with me and see how we can play together!

I can’t wait to see you thrive. Let’s do this together and get you to rise. Grab your breakthrough call here.




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