This is My Dream for You

This is My Dream for You

You’re always on your path. I know it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. I know it feels like you’re still searching. BUT, if you just enjoy, feel good about each step of the way, more of the good stuff will come.

You’re brilliant.

You’re bold.

You’re powerful.

You’re magnetic.

How did that feel?

Do you believe me?

Right now, I’m understanding, more than ever, how much each and every thought makes a difference.

I know I tout style. Yes, how you look when you get dressed. But really, I want you to know, that your soul style doesn’t feel right and fall into place until your beliefs are clear.

How to find clarity?

It’s you being good, happy, and satisfied with your life right now. That’s it. Keep your feet on the ground and look towards your dreams.

Often we can feel off track, in unknown conflict. Conflict is just a positive and negative force, or thought coming into your mind, and creating confusion to what you actually desire.

Since I have started playing deeply with this body, style, and soul stuff, my clients have shown me the way.

I’ve taken in each soul, looked at their desires, and helped them embody the energy to make them come true. We can’t just think that way. We either need to take inspired action, or a reflective pause. Sometimes make a BOLD MOVE.

There is nothing more frustrating than having a dream and feeling like you just can’t create it. Whatever’s in your heart, please don’t give up. I’m here cheering you on. It’s all possible. Your day will come.

When I claimed my work and put my stake in the ground for what I truly wanted, things turned around for me. In the past, I’d complain about not having the business I wanted for so many years. That wasn’t serving me. It wasn’t perfect and it took consistent refining and fine tuning to create more and more flow (and I always seek more flow, more ease, more abundance, more connection), I know I am satisfied along the way. This is paramount.

Say it with me…

“Today is a good day. Today good things are going to happen. Today I’m excited about the adventure to come. I am at ease with the unfolding of life. I feel safe and am ready for what the Universe has in store for me. I feel good. Today is a good day.”

Your thoughts become things. The way you think about your body, beauty, and business affect how you show up, how you present yourself, and ultimately your style.

Because all your style is, is your vibe, and how you express your vibe to the world.

Embracing your body, your dreams, and your story to open up your BIGGEST VISION is my dream for you. Claiming your identity to clear out all doubt, so you’re clear about exactly who you are and your inherent value is my dream for you. Expressing your emotions in a precise, confident, clear, and aesthetic way is my dream for you. Knowing how to sustainably source clothing that enhances your vibe and elevates your vision of yourself is my dream for you.

Carrie, the time to light up the world with your positive thoughts, your big dream, your inspiration is now. Don’t let it go because of doubt.

I’m here for you. Ready to see you transform. Book a connection call with me now. I’m ready to walk hand in hand with you on the journey to success. Let’s play together and make it happen.