personal development

Divine Feminine Alignment

A little over a month ago a dream of mine was fulfilled. I had the tremendous pleasure of speaking at the Mama Gena’s School for Womanly Arts Graduation, a program which is near and dear to my heart and personal transformation.  I was honored to be selected to speak in front of 500 actively empowered women.  I began by asking the room to breathe with me, the glory of which was totally surreal.  The sound of a sea of women doing breath of fire in unison melted me in the most deeply loving way.  The connection and energy was palpable.

Rebel Rise

Conflict and turmoil can waste time.  The key is to get perspective ASAP.  Somehow we think that if we could only scrutinize, psychoanalyze and deconstruct every stage of our life well enough, we’d be able to isolate our problems, fix them and move forward, right?

What is the biggest problem eating you right now?  What is holding you back?  How can you shift your perspective?

Highway to Enlightenment

We all have the right to become enlightened, but sometimes we fall very short of it.  Russell Brand even agrees, but I will save that for later.  Being on this miraculous planet for just a nanosecond, it’s obvious there is so much more that goes on beyond our five senses.  Yet, I love my 5 senses; I get to explore the pleasures of the world with them! They have their value, but so does what lies beyond.  If we get disconnected from our source, we run the risk of miss-stepping, being reckless with our emotions, and potentially hurting the ones we love, including ourselves.