Divine Feminine Alignment

A little over a month ago a dream of mine was fulfilled. I had the tremendous pleasure of speaking at the Mama Gena’s School for Womanly Arts Graduation, a program which is near and dear to my heart and personal transformation.  I was honored to be selected to speak in front of 500 actively empowered women.  I began by asking the room to breathe with me, the glory of which was totally surreal.  The sound of a sea of women doing breath of fire in unison melted me in the most deeply loving way.  The connection and energy was palpable.

Let’s get this Passionate Party started!

Setting your stage for success is not always the easiest to accomplish; when you reset your focus on how you can be of service to others, however, it becomes easier to integrate both motivation and inspiration into your life.  But, here is the interesting thingYou have to spend time going inside, working out the deepest motivation to know what you stand for.  For me, passion must be at the core of what I do.