The Empowered Life

Morning light rises through my bedroom window.  My body sparks with excitement.  Words trickle in.  I know it’s time to run down to the dock on the water and write.  It’s time to get out there and connect with the Divine Succulent Beauty of all that is.

Walking down the ramp to the sea, soft ripples roll across the placid ocean water.  A gentle quietness oozes in the air.  In the distance, a family of ducks take their morning swim.  A fresh set of waves move in from seemingly nowhere, as if a ghostly boat had cruised by, nothing in sight.  The quiet sounds of nature are all that can be heard.  

Rebel Yell Yo!

Have you ever noticed you feel like a black sheep or even an alien?  Like you’re pushing up against the rhythm of society to create your own beat.  Does it all feel a little uncomfortable, kind of rouge, yet confirming enough to feel somewhat accepted in society?  You are a deeply creative spirit, but maybe there was a detour that led you down a path of dissatisfaction.