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Hire a Game Changer Influencer


In 2006, I walked into the offices of Step Up Women’s Network in NYC to volunteer and network. I met a woman named Selena Soo and immediately felt a positive energy. I had no idea about the influence she’d have on my life years later.

Selena Soo Impacting Millions

This gracious, memorable, and highly intelligent woman was so welcoming. She was working for the non-profit as their publicist. I was impressed. After I took a project in Maui for nine months in 2008, she so kindly replied to my email when I wanted to come back to volunteer.

The thing about NYC is you can go your separate ways and then swing open the door again to reconnect. Years later, I saw Selena from across the room at an event. Stunning as ever, I could see a major transformation in her soul.

She’d just finished her MBA and was in the process of launching her company. It’s as if she popped out of nowhere in the coaching world as an Industry Leader.

This women has created the connections and clients of Ramit Sethi, Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte… the list goes on. She’s hosted intimate dinner parties for her community to connect with media pros. She has masterful programs to teach you how to leverage your skills and your business.

Over the past few weeks, I introduced you to the work of Selena. I’m honored to call her a friend, a mentor, and a client. She’s leveraged my exposure to new communities and for that, I’m grateful. She’s taught me step-by-step how to get more media coverage.

She allowed me to see how my work can impact the world on a greater level.

Impacting Millions Selena Soo

This beauty has made a life alerting impact on my business. It all resulted a creating more ease in how I operate and get visibility in my work.

Next week, I’ll be sharing with you Selena’s free training on getting publicity for your business. Keep your eye on your inbox! There is some great content coming out that’ll give you clear directions, so you can leverage your business and get featured.

Selena has been a rockstar at:

  • Teaching people how to gain credibility to leverage their work & network

  • Instilling confidence in people about their work so they can rock their show

  • Helping people get visible so they can land more clients

  • Grow their network by helping people create powerful relationships

Email me with any questions. As her training comes out, I’m going to share with you something really special to help you claim your body, your business, and your brand image.

Stay tuned.



Unseen & Unheard


Imagine a world without Oprah, Marie Forleo, or Lady Gaga.

What if all these women said no to their dream?  We would’ve missed their incredible spirit, creativity, and impact on the world.

Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday would’ve never been born. A nonprofit, The Angel Network would’ve never started, had the opportunity to build over 60 schools, or funded The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy School for Girls.  We need these influences to raise awareness for the underserved. Her power and generosity is regal.

If Lady Gaga never answered the call to create her Born This Way foundation for mental health, so many people struggling with depression wouldn’t have the support they need.  She just announced they’ve partnered with Mental Health First Aid in United States.

Or, if Marie Forleo never launched B-School, tens of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs would be stuck at a dead end job. That’s A LOT of miserable people.

These women’s wisdom, creativity, and drive have been a force of inspiration for so many. They became comfortable being visible in their vision and mission.

I’m gonna tell you the secret behind visibility, it’s confidence.  

When you’re passionate about what you do, you can’t hide. You’re so moved by your message, that you can’t stop telling stories and encouraging people to take positive action.

Sure, I’ve doubted my styling technique. I compared myself to other stylists and thought, but I do it SO DIFFERENTLY.  I was afraid that my approach to getting dressed wouldn’t be accepted. When I lacked confidence, I pulled back, and didn’t allow myself to be seen, especially in the media.

But now I know that, man, I’m doing the right thing.  If I hadn’t shown up for my clients like Amber Lilyestrom, then she wouldn’t have been able to feel confident. She’d miss out on THE GIFT of embracing and loving her body. If I hadn’t put myself out there as a guest expert inside other peoples communities, then I wouldn’t have been able to lead the women who are rising in their businesses as experts and leaders.

If I want to succeed in business, it’s my responsibility to be visible, so I can teach women to be comfortable in their skin and their second skin (clothes).  It’s my mission to teach them how to access their body as a tool to manifest their dreams.

So, back to you. What’s stopping you from being visible?  Email me and let me know!

This is your time to leverage your vision, so you can be seen by the people who need you.  Next week, I’ll be sending you a nudge to help you get visible.

I’m here to support you and your vision of success.



P.S. I believe the ideas in your heart are there for a reason. To make the world a better place.

Your Secret Weapon

Your Secret Weapon Blog

Do you know the secret weapon behind seeing your name in lights?

It’s relationships.

Who you rub elbows with and how you can support each other will leverage your business tenfold.  

Think back to the first referral you ever got.  How happy were you to reply to an intro email from a former client raving about your work to someone who needs your help?

Becoming a publicity powerhouse is working all the angles of how your business can gain visibility. It’s not just getting in a magazine or newspaper. It’s getting on podcasts, being a guest expert, sharing your offers at other people’s events, and connecting with as many new people as possible to get your message out there.

You know what my number one source of new business is?  A warm audience. That’s from old clients, to standing in front of a new, yet, very aligned audience through a trusted friend.

Like my recent speaking gig.  I was a guest expert for Amber Lilyestrom’s Accelerator Mastermind.  She asked me to speak about Embodiment and how to access it. It was a gift to share my work in an intimate room of 25 women who were ready to step into their next level of excellence.

Carrie Montgomery

There have been multiple opportunities for me to show up as a guest expert that I’ve gotten warm intros to new audiences. It is an incredibly intimate, experiential opportunity for expansion.

How do you feel about networking?

I know it’s a skill that takes practice, patience, and perseverance.

This is one of my favorite exercises that I take my branding clients through when they’re upleveling their vision.

  1. Make a list of dreamy people you’d like to meet or work with.  For example: Oprah, Jane Fonda, and Gloria Steinem are my top 3.

  2. Then play the game “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.” This is a game where you can track how many people you are away from the folks you’d like to meet.  This means, how many people would it take for you to connect with to reach this person? For example, Oprah is actually one degree from me. I have multiple clients that’ve been on Super Soul Sunday, I also know someone that works for her.  It’s a very direct link, but would need a very powerful ask or the right timing to make this happen. But just knowing how accessible she could be, opens the door to possibilities. Take Jane Fonda, she was actually spoke at my college graduation, so I could reach out to my school for a connection.  I’m sure she’s more like a 3-4 degrees of separation.

Play the game.  You don’t have to focus on mega stars.  It can be local powerhouses. This teaches you how you can reverse engineer your network that can lead to new  pathways and broader horizons.

I have a friend that’s absolutely amazing at connecting with industry leaders, so much so, that people were shocked when she launched her business and ALREADY had endorsements from people like Danielle LaPorte and Marie Forleo. She inspires me to always remember that my most valuable business assets are my relationships.

Share with me! Who’s on your list?

With love,


Bashful to Bold

Bashful to Bold Blog

How BOLD do you feel?

Can you step out and scream from the rooftops what you do and why?

Are you ready to let everyone see you: the good, bad, and unusual?

Beauty, the number one game changer in building a business and brand is being cool with being seen.

It takes a deep, deep inner confidence to know what you do and why, so you can speak about it all the time until you reach your desired success.

I’m pretty good at creating chaos and confusion.  Over the years, I’ve had to strip away the things that weren’t serving me, so that I could focus on new levels of success.

To me, success is way beyond a monetary value. It’s about owning a sense of freedom and expression.  It’s about having the ability to abundantly serve myself and my tribe. That means I need pristine self care.  Yup, lots of tubs, workouts, meditations, writing, walks, connecting with friends and clients. I love to throw in extra beauty around me like flowers or a good meal.

To have your desired success, how much VISIBILITY do you need?

It depends on the impact you desire to make.

If you see yourself influencing millions and changing their hearts, minds, and souls with your product or service, well, babe, it’s time to get cool with being visible.

My business focuses on building an image for you to feel more confident in your skin, so you can go out and make epic leaps and bounds in the world.  When you stand before an audience, you’re not be afraid that your dress might fall off, or if your undies are sticking out. Or worry if you look fat or too short.  I teach you to live beyond just your image and how to project your soul through getting dressed.

That’s not everything you need to build a successful business. There are many parts that need to be served and addressed.  Like honing your niche, building systems, delegating tasks, building a team the supports you. My 7-figure clients have tackled all the aspects to raise their profile to epic success.  And guess what, they aren’t stopping there.

So, here’s my question to you.

How comfortable are you with being visible? Hit reply and let me know.

Much love,


P.S. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share some great information on how to gain traction with getting visible from my mentor and client.  Keep checking this space for the free training coming up.

The Power of Media

The Power of Media Blog

There are many ways to grow your business. And it really is up to you to decide what course of action feels good. BUT, there’s this thing about getting out of your comfort zone and stretching yourself to your new highest. Exceeding your expectations of yourself is life changing.

The number one credibility builder and visibility enhancer in business is MEDIA. Yup, mass media. Here’s the amazing thing, there are so many outlets available that can be aligned with your business.

My career started in film, I was very familiar with media like INSTYLE, PEOPLE, and VOGUE. These magazines set trends and have a wide reach. They’re powerful. And a tid bit intimidating to knock on their door.

As I built my business over the past 5 years, I’ve been able to get my work in magazines and on TV due to my clients media schedules. My work very quickly was seen on Super Soul Sunday, New Channels, and brand photoshoots all over the world.

But here’s the big catch, nobody knew it was MY WORK. It’s rare to see a stylist’s name in TV credits unless they work for the show or are on the show. Magazines are a little different and I was excited when I got a regular monthly feature of my work.

Last year I knew it was time to shift my VISIBILITY. It was time to go from behind the scenes to the front lines. My work had shifted with Create Your Soul Style. It was time to claim a new roll in the transformational style coaching world.

I help soulful women entrepreneurs radiate strength and confidence by introducing them to their true style, which runs deeper than labels and capsule wardrobes. It allows them to express their true calling.

My clients have shared the value of my work, but now it’s time to start tipping the scales and exposing the big beautiful world to this revolutionary way to get dressed. Shifting your thinking can be an uphill battle. But when it’s for your life’s purpose and true passion, it’s do or die.

Did you know that you can leverage your exposure and gain a new audience when you get media coverage?

Did you know that you gain credibility when a media outlet endorses you or your work?

Media is a massive leverage tool. Even though I knew media, I wasn’t using it for myself. I was happy to get it for clients, but always kept myself behind the scenes.

Last year I made a dream list of media opportunities. I was thrilled to walk into two opportunities that were game changers for me. One was getting on TV on MaineLife and two was getting a Cover Feature in Maine Women Magazine of my work. Just the act of reaching out, pitching, and knowing how to respond made me all the more confident that I could be a Cover Girl. (And I was.). Being in the media on any level builds credibility and when you can keep leveraging that from one level to the next, well it becomes, a segment on The Today Show, a game changer moment that you’re dreaming off.

Your next step?

Make a list of your dream media opportunities.

Ignore any limiting beliefs about it not being possible or that you might be crazy. Just let yourself DREAM BIG. Hit reply and share with me if you’d like!

I can’t wait to see what you dream up!



Getting Dressed

Getting Dressed Blog

Happy LOVE Day! I’m reclaiming Valentine’s Day to be more inclusive (it’s not just for lovers)!

I’m coming in hot off a wild 2 week American tour.  I spoke at my soul sisters’, Amber Lilyestrom’s Accelerator Mastermind. It was a life altering experience for me & the amazing women in the room.

I wish you could’ve been in there.

We broke down the beauty myths that media is portraying out there. Best part? Every woman in the room FELT how powerful their body is when they checked-in with their energy and emotions WHILE LEARNING to get dressed in a new way.

There was an amazing moment when I told the women that wearing Spanx doesn’t mean you’re fat, it just means you need a stronger container of support that day.  The sigh in the room was palpable. It was like a 100,000 lbs left the room and the women were set free.

The sisterhood I experienced over the past 2 weeks reminded me of how powerful love really is.

Over the years, I’ve really struggled with the word, LOVE.  I used to roll my eyes to the back of my head and vomit in my mouth when I heard mushy stories of romantic partners or saw a couple spoon feeding one other cheesecake.  For some reason, (more like TONS of compounded trauma) I really had a bitter taste in my mouth around love.

Guess what? Those beliefs translate to how I look at my body, how I feel in my clothes, and how I hold my presence in public.

When you step into alignment of your soul and silhouette, deep peace rushes through your body.  You take actions that feel good, you receive positive feedback, you can handle the tough stuff with elegance and grace.  Your mind is calmer, a deep sense of inner knowing and TRUST becomes real.

You become present and unbelievably powerful.

This, my love, is what Getting Dressed with Carrie Montgomery FEELS like.  

We revolutionize how you get dressed, which ultimately shifts how the world SEES YOU.

You show up magnetic, because you’re not afraid to take up space. People are drawn to you, because you’re living your truth. Things go your way as you stand (in heels or flats) for your practical and energetic needs.  So, this is what’s amazing about this title and tag above.

I’ve been wanting to start a podcast for 3 years, but I really had to wait for the clarity of the vision to show up aligned and feeling powerful.  After I spoke at Amber’s mastermind, I sat down in my chair in the back next to Rachel Camfield (the other speaker that weekend). She leaned over and said, “I have a little inspiration for you.”  She did NOT know my business desires. She said, “Somatic Method is great, but not everyone knows what that means. How about Getting Dressed with Carrie Montgomery?”  I got chills. And immediately the tagline “Revolutionizing how women show up” came out of my mouth.

I ran the new messaging by all my biz besties and a few other warm friendly crowds.  I’d love to know what you think, for real! Just hit reply and tell me if it resonates or not!  

Would you listen to a podcast about getting dressed for your soul AND silhouette?

The crazy part is the evolution within days of welcoming in this new identity. I’m always working to deepen my WHY, and was able to sit down with my Maine Rockstars Mastermind gals last Friday (right before I flew out) to share with them my new world.  The aha’s and wins. I broke into tears when sharing my deep desire to bring this work of Getting Dressed to young women just coming into their bodies. It gives me more drive and more staying power to bring this to an audience that deeply needs to learn the power of their bodies before mass media tells them they’re “not good enough.”

The foundation of my business is built off of service, connection, and transformation. When I learned these were my core values, it shifted my whole internal engagement with my business, which in turn, reflected on the outside, too.

Spending time connecting with my foundational tribe ALWAYS PAYS IN SPADES.  Take a moment to connect in and recognize all the beauties that have helped you along the way.  It takes a village to create an empire. If you’re up to it, let them know!

And when you have a second, I’d love your feedback (email me!) on the Podcast title: Getting Dressed with Carrie Montgomery: Revolutionizing How Women Show Up.

As always, I am so grateful for your presence, love, and support!  Email and let me know your thoughts!



Are you your own Safe Space?

Are you your own Safe Space? Blog

When I first started my business, I was filled with 10,000 anxieties.  I wanted to impress, I wanted to succeed, I wanted to make a massive impact.  More than that, I really wanted to be accepted.

My issue was not being able to accept myself first.

I didn’t feel safe in my own body.  

I didn’t feel safe in the world at large.

I sure as hell didn’t feel safe engaging with people I didn't really know online.  

This brought up a perpetual paranoia that I was always under attack.

When I finally realized that the common denominator of all these anxieties was ME, I was able to work on it!

I did the deep trauma work.

I ate the clean food.

I did the writing.

I detoxed from tech.

I created comfortable space.

Once these things became my paramount priority…

My creative juices began to open up, the deeper I dove into creating a safe environment for me to express myself.  Finally I was able to take a stand for the work that I believed in (no matter what someone thinks about me).

And then I got on the train of how do we make this bigger, better, reach more people, make more money.  And, well, I burnt out. I found myself depleted, exhausted, and really not interested in my own work.

I craved intimacy.

I craved connection.

I craved a high touch service.

I deeply craved transformation.

I stopped living for what others said about running a successful online business:

  • You need to have a bigger audience

  • You need to post on instagram at this time, this way

  • You need to speak on big stages

  • You need “these” media outlets  (Those are other people’s goals and strategies.)

When you find yourself in the safe place of your own design, able to take inspired, aligned action, well, the universe starts to work in miraculous ways. The more you stay connected to this life force inside you, good things start to happen.

Your “I need to’s” may be...

I need to align with my body

Fill up my heart

Trust myself

Rest more

Take more spacious in between appointments

They can look very different than the to do list of someone else (even if they’re mega successful).  We’ve been programed to believe the more productive, the better. The harder we work, the more successful.  The list goes on of things that may NOT be serving you, but you’ve been sold by society that you need to do it THIS WAY.

So, my love, what are you looking for?  What will you do in 2019? Where do you need more alignment?  I’d love to invite you to a discovery call. We can look at how you need to serve yourself and how I can support you to get there.  And yes, we can do it in style!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know, style is an inside out job.

When we redefine the way we look at style (and how we do life), our world shifts!  I’d love to help you be successful, your way! Book you call here.



Faith Restored

Faith Restored

Tomorrow I’ll be on my way back to America for a short trip. I have a speaking gig and will be leading a workshop in Maine. I’ve spent the past few weeks checking in with my body to make sure we can do the journey!

This is the deal… you have one life and one body. Learn how to tune in and take care of it.  

You may have a few lifetimes with karmic retribution and evolution of the soul.  But, let’s be clear with what is here and now.

You. Your Body. Your Spirit.

There’s a deep connection to how you feel about yourself, how you treat yourself, and how your spirit soars in the world.

It often has to do with what you’re thinking and the actions you take.

I know… self care… sounds like a luxury, doesn’t it?

When I took the leap to move to Spain, I definitely had this thought about being, “insane for moving across the world.”  

I had no clear plan and a major gut feeling. For the first time, I wanted to let my life unfold.

Everything at that point was FINE: business, health still a major obstacle, and well, my faith in the universe was a little battered.  I could no longer try to heal my souls’ connection to my body with another date, or another creation in my business. I had to get in alignment with my everyday life. Simplification was key.

In my wellness journey, I’ve inspected every aspect of my life. My energy, physical body, t how I’m feeling, what I’m eating, how I’m moving my body, who I’m spending time with, to my family, and how I’m serving the women I work with. Let’s be clear; we don’t need to master all these areas, but we do need to stay engaged in our process.

Wellbeing, to me, is about bringing parts of you to life that want to thrive. 

It allows your body to be well.  Your soul gets a clear signal when it’s time to shake her booty, or rest and recalibrate.

I had no idea what was in store for me in Ibiza.  What I’ve found has brought my heart back to life. My faith is being restored.

There have been EPIC dance parties under the stars.

Nothing cures an eating disorder like incredible, fresh, wholesome food. (more on this one day)

I’ve been introduced to natural wines and adventured to wineries.

The people are so free and fun and vibrant.

I feel at home here.

I’ve moved many, many times in my life.  The community that took me 4 years in Maine to create and 10 years in NYC to create, I’ve found in 3 months in Ibiza. Talk about ALIGNMENT!

I’ve been able to connect in sister circles.  I’ve been able to walk beaches and have heartfelt convos.  I’ve been able to just wander and explore the Island. Nikita has really enjoyed every step of the way. My Spanish is slowly getting better.

This, my friend, allows me to feel my faith being restored and my heart beat for life is back.

I didn’t realize how much my heart had been broken by the sequence of events over the past 10-20 years.  I was willing my way through every day and breaking down all at the same time. The body can’t heal that way.

The Somatic Dressing Method™ opened doors for introspection and creative expression that have left me and many women to feel liberated.

The crazy thing is… All I had to do was respond to an invitation and the rest has fallen into place. (yes, there were some challenging logistics) Like giving up my home in Maine before having my visa confirmed, but having a ticket purchased, and needing to wait a month before I could leave, if I could leave?

It was the ultimate LEAP OF FAITH!

I’ve been in Ibiza for 3 months now and I’m about to fly back to America for 2 weeks.  I’m thrilled to embrace my soul sisters.

Last week, I let you know about my upcoming workshop: Love Your Lines in 2019 with Style.  

The reason I created this experience is because dressing for my soul changed my life, as well as, hundreds of my client’s lives for the better. With regular practice, I found myself...

More calm

More focused

More confident

And MOST importantly, I found that when I committed to a daily body check-in, I had greater power to TRANSFORM things in my life that I wasn’t happy with.

This is what I want for you. I’m going to teach you the tools that I know will give you the power to expand your potential and feel embodied confidence. That’s why I created 2019: Love Your Lines in Style Workshop.

This will only be offered live while I’m back in America for a speaking gig.

I’ll be hosting a workshop for 3 hours and would love to have anyone in New England/Southern Maine join us in Portland.

This workshop will teach you the most soulful way to get dressed. You’ll fall more in love with your body and soul. You’ll exude confidence and ease (even if you have a lot on your plate).   As a result, you’ll receive more money, because you’re finally speaking your truth.

Join me! I can’t wait to see you!



Sacred Style in 2019

Sacred Style in 2019 Carrie Montgomery


Welcome to 2019.  I know from the bottom of my heart that this is YOUR YEAR.  

2018 was full of releasing what I thought I wanted and recalibrating to what I now want.

I let go of a relationship.  I moved into my own home. I needed to work towards a life that felt more aligned with my soul, not just looking good. Unfortunately our values were different and we needed to live our own lives.  My new home was healing, soothing, and perfect, but I still felt a piece of me was missing and needed to come to life. I left it all behind and moved to Spain. I grew and deepened my relationships with clients and friends.  I shifted the structure of my business to more intimate containers and focused on service, transformation, and connection.

By redefining my boundaries, I began to flourish in new ways and with more ease.

2018 was the year of #loverecovery.  (See more on Instagram!) That’s my reframe on trauma recovery.  I thought that I completed all my trauma work. Yet, when the #metoo movement came out, it was clear that I still had unresolved, deep seeded trauma layered and stacked in my body; making me crumble inside.

So, with the success of 2017,  2018 became the year to recalibrate.

What 3 values do you live by?

Mine are service, transformation, and connection.  This helps me feel safe, have fun, and fall in love with myself and everyone else.

For 2019, I chose the word ABUNDANT to guide my every move. I’m not talking about more-money-abundant (that will come). I mean abundance, as in, more life. I want to feel an ABUNDANT amount of:




















Deep self care

These are all things I can create for myself.  The more I create this ABUNDANT space, the more my life will expand. The same is true for you, too!

Choose your word for the year.  Maybe it’s courage, consistency, or connection. Your word will bring you into a more sacred, loving space where you can evolve and stand powerfully on your beautiful own two feet. Plus, have the loving arms of community around you when your feet get shaky.

As you may know, I moved to Spain in October of 2018.  My business took many shifts last year. I claimed the trademark for Somatic Styling Method™.  If you’ve been curious to work with me, there are four ways I can be of service to you in 2019:

  1. Create Your Soul Style

  2. The Embodied Brand

  3. Get Photo Ready

  4. In Person Intensives (Email me to learn more.)

There will be workshops and retreats coming your way, too!

The foundation of my work is the Somatic Styling Method™. Every women that enters the world of will be invited to embrace their bodies and style in a completely new way.

I was tired of just looking good, I know how to do that, but what I really struggled with was feeling good.  Depression, chronic illness, PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, you name it, they all swirled in my world. I was a dark cloud that looked shiny and bright on the outside.  It was fake, false, and a bit fucked up.

My commitment to you is to help you bring your body alive, light up your life with love and compassion, and do it in style.

You can feel good and look good, too.  You can have an open loving relationship with your body.  You can be conscious about what’s holding you back and take loving action towards shifting your thoughts and subconscious mind.

I’m coming back to the east coast and have opened up 4 spots for 1-day intensives.  We’ll dive into your somatic style and create your signature style! It’s a wild way to tap into who you’re becoming, while honoring who you are.  

If you’re interested and want to know if this work is for you, apply for a call here.

I’m so thrilled about the potential of 2019 and I can’t wait to play with you.

So much love,


This isn't Superficial. It's Sustainable Style. Carrie Montgomery This isn't Superficial. It's Sustainable Style.

There is SO much more to style than just your clothes.

It’s actually a deep, kinetic sensation. Have you seen street style photos and wondered, how does she pull that outfit off and look so fab? Then, you might imagine what her life is like. Is she happy? Does she love her work? Is she present for her community?

Well, there’s no way to really know unless you know her. But what is apparent is she’s damn good at creating a vibe that fits like a glove on her body.

Soul Style has two parts. First is the PERSONA (or attitude) you’re claiming that day and second is the SOMATIC SENSATION (or feeling) you’re expressing.

Sounds a little deep, right?

Well, most stylish people have a clearly defined persona that they’re claiming on the daily. It would be:

  • Sporty Spice

  • Preppy (sometimes sexy) Teacher

  • Edgy Executive

  • Passionate Nomad

  • Modern Goddess

  • Retro Grunge

  • Vintage Chic

The list of Style Archetypes goes on for days. There’s nothing more confusing to your family, friends, and potential opportunities than seeing you dress grunge one day, chic the next, sporty the next, with no common thread. You end up with piles of trendy clothes that’ll go out of style. Yeah, the look of the moment that doesn’t work for your body or soul.

So, you try again, and again, and again. More like buy again, and again, and buy again.

It’s a total waste of money and time.

First of all, the PERSONA needs to align with how you’re truly feeling in your body. You might be feeling edgy, or retro, or a vintage vibe, but your body is tapping you on your shoulder asking for some attention.

Your body may be fatigued. It may be super tense and stressed or it may fill you of life force and excited energy. Where ever your body is asking for support, there’s a container you can step into to make you feel as effective and powerful each day.

A big part of that is being clear and honoring what’s actually going on, on a soul level.

You may feel low, down, blue and need to pull on that hoodie to hide from the world for a while. That’s cool, as long as you know that it’s OK to cancel those meetings on a dark hoodie day.

You may feel exhausted, but need to perform at work. Your body will need extra support all the way down to your big girl panties (seamless, please). Just pull on those high waisted pants and tuck in an elegant, loosely fitted, silk top for some ease. If you have the luxury and freedom of being able to wear whatever, wherever, then grab a maxi dress and release that fatigue as you glide with ease into your elegance for the day.

I know, this may sound wack-a-doodle. But, I kid you not, it works. I’ve been dressing this way to support my body and soul for years with chronic health conditions. This way of dressing has given me confidence to shine and attract a magazine cover feature and speaking at Maine Live. My clients keep texting me that THIS WORK keeps paying them back again and again!

Like Raechel…   “This totally sums up what you and your work have helped me feel EVERY single day! Truly a gift that keeps on giving - thank you!!”

Like Raechel…

“This totally sums up what you and your work have helped me feel EVERY single day! Truly a gift that keeps on giving - thank you!!”

You too can have Soul Style that gives you strength, power, and the juice to live life to the fullest every day.  I’d love to know what you are struggling with when it comes to feeling good in your body and what you’d like help with. Email me and tell me what’s up these days.

I can’t wait to connect with you.

Lots of love,