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It’s true, my love, you MUST feel confident to “ask for the money.”  To be able to charge your true value, you must know that you can deliver your service, that your work makes an impact, and it’s valuable to your potential client.

But… have you sat behind your computer typing with this song in your head, “OMG, I can’t ask them for $997, or $3997, or the big $10,000 payday!”

Asking for the money can be awkward. Is there a part of you that doubts your own worth and value? I’ve had those moments. Hey, when I first started, I would not let people pay me a dime.

I’ve had clients say, “I’m afraid to charge more, what if they say no?” Well, you’ll never know until you try.

I have a sneaky way to uplevel your game and connect to your core confidence.  

It’s your true story… not the one you tell to the world, but the one that sits deep inside your bones.  The best way I’ve helped my clients overcome their little (actually massive) saboteur is by creating a Style Archetype.

Style what?  How does that relate to what I charge?

You know premium brands can charge more money? Yes.

You know confident women make more money? Yes.

Do you know the one thing they’re really clear about?

Who they are (the past) and where they’re going (the future).  

Yup, that aligned, authentic, real deal woman standing on stage putting her heart and soul out there to help teach you how to be the leader in your life and business gets her worth and value.  She gets the whole picture.

Want help creating your WHOLE PICTURE?  Let me guide you. My secret to charging your worth is in The Somatic Dressing Method™. It’s my signature process that helps you embody confidence, so that you can receive more raving fans, referrals, and riches.

It’s not about putting on Manolo Blahniks and feeling like a million bucks. It’s doing deep inner work, so you can walk into any room and speak with confidence.  I’ll be leading a group of ready-to-rock women on a 6-week intensive to learn how to step into their bodies more powerfully and confidently every single day.

“The Elegant Maven made me feel so Fucking powerful & way more beautiful. The elegant maven helped me filter what I choose.”  - Lindi Conover-Thompson, EP Collaborations

I’m booking calls to talk with those who are ready to step forward into their power, so they can charge (and EARN) their real worth. Book a discovery call with me. You can also reply to this email to ask questions, too!

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The Catalyst

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What is your why?

Ugh… I know… think about it.  Your why is what makes you get out of bed every day?

There is an INNER why and an OUTER why.

One motivates you for yourself, your family, your pups, your kids, your home, you name it (it’s yours).  Mine is to keep my body healthy and provide a stable, comfortable home for Nikita (my furry love bug).

Your outer why is more expansive .  It’s far reaching. It’s impactful. It transcends time and space. It motivates you when you are knocked down. And, when your soul departs, it will live on.

My outer WHY started when I was young and I had no idea. Becoming a warrior at a young age set me up to be mission driven.  That meant that everything I did in career and life really had to have an underlying purpose.

  • My move to Findhorn Scotland at 19 was to work on healing from my failed spinal fusion, my first surgery.

  • Learning to teach Pilates to deepen my wisdom of the body and build strength in a gentle way.

  • My decision to go to film school was to learn how to tell story for the greater good to learn from.

  • My decision to work in sales to allow my body stability; fiscally and rhythmically. (Film is notorious for unstable schedules and not knowing if the next paycheck will cash).

  • Becoming a lifestyle medicine consultant was to make impact on the medical field in a more holistic way.  I fused sales, coaching, and integrative medicine.

Do you see a pattern in your own history?

My CATALYST woke up when I was about 13.  I sat in the principal's office at my school, my mother was sitting next to me. The principal sat and asked me with her short hair and polite doe eyes, “why are you doing this?”

I looked at her, then out her big windows behind her desk.  There was no view, it looked to the inner courtyard of the school. We weren’t allowed out there.  It was there to look pretty. My response, while feeling guilty for speaking up was, “I don’t want it to happen to anyone else.”

My history teacher had gotten upset at me in class because I couldn’t understand him, or follow his story telling, or I just couldn’t hear.  Instead of dealing with it in an educational way, he literally threw books at me.

Guess what we started looking at, what was wrong with ME? Why I was struggling in school, why I couldn’t hear? But never did we truly acknowledge this man’s actions.

At the end of the year, he resigned.  I gave a little fist pump when I heard the news.

At that moment I became an advocate for others.  I often would stick up for others way before I would acknowledge my own needs. (I’ve gotten better at self-advocacy after years dealing with the medical system.)

So yes, my WHY started way before I ever began thinking about starting a business. “I don’t want mistreatment to happen to anyone.” AKA… I don’t want anyone to feel that way.  I don’t want women to suffer.

Have you had the moment when the cards felt stacked against you?

Monday was the 4-year anniversary of my emergent hysterectomy.  I tell you this because it was THE CATALYST to my soul’s work.

I had a lightning moment that my future was about healing, creativity, expression, visibility.  I had already been working for years to uncover it, but then it was born.

I did it with community, my sisterhood, and my tribe.

When I coined my signature dressing technique as The Somatic Dressing Method™, it was more about helping women feel good over just looking good. Women were asking me to feel different in their bodies.  Naturally I answered with a system.

A system that brings more value, more money to your bottom line.

If you’re looking to feel:

  • More embodied confidence

  • More comfortable in your skin

  • More powerful in your voice

  • More present in your body

  • More in your presence

...well, then I have the thing for you!

I’ve seen my clients skyrocket their businesses, find their true calling, activate their voice, and step on stage with true confidence.

“You are so going to love this class, and the ah-ha moments are just going to keep rolling - I mean, like CRAZY rolling in! It's more than transformative because you don't lose your true self, you transmute everything that isn't you into power you can use to support and grow what IS you. It's an incredible foundation to build whatever you desire from.” - Gayla Drake, Sound Healer

I am about to offer a 6-week Somatic Dressing Method™ Group Intensive. If you’re interested or would like more info, email info@carriemontgomery.com with any questions.

I can’t wait to connect with you!