Happy New Year

Comfy, Cozy, Confident

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Do you want to feel totally comfortable and at ease this holiday season?  Maybe even throw in a splash of sparkle?

That burgundy cashmere sweater is waiting for you to wrap yourself up as you throw on that flowy green silk skirt. Heels or boots? Well, it’s up to your body!  Do you need to be lifted and leaning into the crowd or chill and hanging back on your heels?

It’s all about the energy you need to put out there, so you can manage yourself in the holiday shuffle.

Each body is different. Everyone has different style. You pick from colors, textures, accents, heel height, accessories, yup, some of the basic style principles that help set your individuality apart.

But we also have to follow our rhythm, our vibe, and our inner guidance.

So, take note. How do you want to enter into the new year? How do you want to feel?

Make a list of your top 5 goals. Not anyone else’s goals or vision for you. Just yours!

For me, I’ve learned a lot this year around slowing down and simplifying.  I used to think ‘Bigger was Better.’ But that actually wasn’t aligned with my energy.  Intimate settings are my most favorite endeavor in life.  I use this principle to filter all my decisions.

Knowing how you want to feel this holiday is a game changer in how you engage with your friends and family, how you stand out in the crowd, and how you relax and have fun!

This holiday season we’re taking a break and relaxing into a European Christmas Adventure.

Have a fabulous New Year Celebration, however you plan to play, make sure it’s filling up your soul, so you can rock out 2019.  

I’ll see you in the New Year!