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[Podcast] How to Honor Your Body and Build Confidence Through Style on Wellness Lately

Wellness Lately Podcast How to Honor Your Body and Build Confidence Through Style

Hey Beauty,

I’m super excited to share this really fun & deep conversation about embodiment, style, and body love today over on the Wellness Lately Podcast. In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Why it’s important to embrace your life now, in the body you have, as opposed to waiting until you lose weight or look a different way

  • The difference between dressing for your shape, to support your body and project the vibe you want to project, versus dressing to hide your body or to look a certain way that’s not aligned with who you are

  • Why buying “one hit wonders” and shopping in a panic for specific occasions never ultimately helps

I had the honor to connect with two genius entrepreneurs, Bridget Shannon and Dana Barron of Wellness Lately, who are changing the way we think about wellness. We got real about what it takes to feel at peace with your body and mind.

Now, I’m thrilled to share our conversation with you!

Check it out here.

As always, comment below and share any insights you had.



P.S. On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Why it’s important to embrace your life now, in the body you have, as opposed to waiting until you lose weight or look a different way

  • My story, the physical challenges I’ve handled throughout my life and how I got into the work I’m currently doing

  • My own body image struggles and how I moved through the negative self-talk to a more somatic experience in my body

  • The difference between dressing for your shape, to support your body and project the vibe you want to project, versus dressing to hide your body or to look a certain way that’s not aligned with who you are

  • How the process of getting dressed to serve your body’s needs can help you manifest what you want in life

  • How to apply elements of the styles you love but don’t feel like you can wear, and work them into clothes that works for your body

  • Why a tailor is your best friend in a market that produces clothes for the masses

  • The issue with body positivity and why it doesn’t always help us feel better in our bodies, and why the real problem lies in absurd beauty standards

  • The different style archetypes/identities (there are nearly 1,000!) and how Carrie simplifies the process to narrow it down and help people feel the way they desire to

  • Spiritual misconceptions and why we can’t change our own distorted stories (and change our lives) until we bring them to the surface

  • The four steps of my system for finding your signature style

  • Why buying “one hit wonders” and shopping in a panic for specific occasions never ultimately helps

  • Why seasons (pregnancy in particular) can be tough for style, and how to consciously shift your feelings

  • How I incorporates energetics into style and how dressing based on the chakra centers can elevate your vibe or support how you need to feel

  • The parallels between Human Design and dressing for our energy centers

  • Why female entrepreneurs are among the most common people that I work with

  • Sustainable vs. fast fashion and my opinion on both

  • And much more



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Do You Want to Look Good or Feel Good?

Do You Want to Look Good or Feel Good? Blog

Hey Beauty,

We just spent the past 10 days in the Cotswolds UK with my family riding horses and chillaxing together. We went back to our roots, I grew up in London and spent my weekends in the countryside (the beautiful Cotswolds Hills) riding.

Do You Want to Look Good or Feel Good? Blog

There’s something magical about visiting your past with a renewed spirit. I’m gonna be honest, as amazing as my childhood was, there were some events that had a lasting, traumatizing impression on me. I’ve spent years reclaiming my body. This was the first time my mother, brother, and I have been here together since 1986. *hand over mouth*

The most beautiful part of the whole experience was bringing my 11-year old niece to the place where my family had amazing memories. She got to experience everything we did as a child. All the empowering experiences of being on a horse in the pure, fresh, open air (she’s been riding for 3 years) and taking the risks and adventures we did.

Do You Want to Look Good or Feel Good? Blog
Do You Want to Look Good or Feel Good? Blog

I saw her grow and evolve in ways I never imagined, overnight. To me, she embodies more independence, strength, self assurance in her body. I watched anxieties melt away and I knew when I needed to give her a mothering hug (her mum was back in Vancouver working). I got to play Auntie, my favorite Otherhood role!

My favorite quote of the week was, “I can’t go to the party looking like this.” My niece knows self care!!

We had a moment of frustration when she couldn't find her ankle socks, you know the ones that don’t show when you where sneakers and shorts? Then she went straight into a melt down spewing, “I have nothing to wear!” and 3 outfit changes later,” I asked her, “What’s really going on?”

She said, “I miss my Mom.”

I gave her a warm smile and that mothering hug she really needed. We just sat and breathed.

Now, my niece knows how to get dressed, she just needed some attention and affection.

Post hug, I asked her, “How do you want to feel?”

She said, “Elegant, feminine, fun, and relaxed.”

Okay, I can work with this! And we got dressed! Simple jeans shorts, Vans slip on sneaks, and a striped, shoulderless, Zara shirt. It was a dress up, dress down look!

It got me thinking, the way we were taught to dress is all wrong. It’s so disconnected from how we feel and how we want to feel. Trends take over and we often try to just fit into the latest threads that are being sold all over the marketplace. Or, we give up and claim our style from a time in history and stay there, grasping at how it used to be.

The way we break down style in our world is so confusing. When I used to search for clothes for my clients, I sometimes think how the hell do people know what to buy? There is sooooo much out there to choose from.

What is style really?

Style is about communicating who you are to the world. It’s where your inner world meets the outer world.

  • I believe personal style is about curating your life's preferences, needs, and desires.

  • It’s a feeling that speaks for itself.

  • Words cannot describe it.

  • Personal style comes from knowing yourself and what feels beautiful to you.

  • It’s a form of communication.

  • It’s a visual representation of who you are.

I am committed to creating a SOUL STYLE REVOLUTION & so much more in the coming months. I want you to look good, that’s for sure, but as a woman who cares deeply about the experience of humans here on earth, I want you to feel good, too.

Look good vs. feel good, that is the question here.

So, let’s try something. When you get dressed, check in with your needs for the day.

Do you want to feel more go with the flow?

  • Then put on a flowy dress.

Do you want to feel strong and confident?

  • Then throw on a great, structured shirt, your favorite jeans, and a great pair of pumps. GO, rock it!

Do you want to just relax and let go?

  • Then grab those sweats and some sneakers, go for a walk, shake it off, and give your body some space.

The biggest secret to having your own SOUL STYLE REVOLUTION is found inside your body. Yes, your body knows all your secrets that desire to be expressed. Find them, feel them, set them free. Don’t get trapped in a style rut by wearing the same thing every day. Find your spot of freedom of expression.

Let’s get back to the basics here.

I am creating a SOUL STYLE REVOLUTION. I want you to join me.

As I write this, I’m curled up at my friends house in the countryside. My body is relaxing and resting. My body wants to cuddle up with a cup of tea and a good book.

I have on my high waisted jeans (that have a little extra stretch in them), a soft cotton tank top, cozy warm socks (it’s raining), and a great velor hoodie!

I want to hear from you. How is your soul style going to make you feel today? Leave a comment below. I can’t wait to learn more about your soul style and celebrate you!

Lots of love,




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Your Power Trifecta: did you know you needed this?

Your Power Trifecta - Did You Know You Needed This? Blog

Hey Beauty,

Did you know there is a magical triangle of power waiting for you to embody?

Over the past 5 years, I’ve specifically helped women step into their true authentic version of themselves through personal development, personal style, and personal branding.

My clients who did the work transformed completely from the inside out.

Don’t you want that… radical, and self-loving full transformative expression of yourself?

What these ladies have experienced is:

A massive growth in business -

My clients are magnetized to me.  I walked into a networking event and booked $16K of new business.

A sense of peace -

I am so comfortable in my skin that my business moves forward steadily, my family is calm and happy, and my health has improved incredibly.

A renewed sense of confidence -

I am so confident in my ability to go out and thrive in business and life.

Want to feel this way?

Here’s the magic.

I use personal development, personal style, and personal branding as a fierce trifecta to tap into the powerhouse that you are.

Look, if I were to just get you dressed, while I have dressed many a lady, you wouldn’t have the true awakening that you need to rise in business and life.

It takes stamina to thrive.

It takes drive to thrive.

It takes focus to thrive.

Are you curious about how to embody this transformation??

I’m opening up a few spots on the calendar to connect with you, so you can get clear on what you need to thrive in the next level of your business and life.  We’re stretching beyond style and integrating your whole world to create the most epic version of you.

Ready to embody your next best self? Grab your spot here to chat!

I can’t wait to connect you to your power!



P.S. Don’t forget to book your free call here.  We’ll get clear on the next big step you need to thrive.



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Waking the Style Tiger

Waking the Style Tiger Blog

Hey Beauty,

A few years ago, I was out of touch with my body.  I was so disconnected. It was hard to stay present, grounded, and comfortable in my skin.  As I created the Somatic Dressing Method™ and connected more deeply to my body’s needs and answered them with my clothing choices on a daily basis, I had an awakening.

I realized that in order to improve your life, you have to express your whole self. We, women, have a hard time understanding style. That’s the clothes we show up to business meetings, interviews, and dates in. We feel guilty investing in our wardrobe, yet our first impression is the very thing that brings home the bacon.

That’s because we’re so disconnected to our bodies.

It’s hard to realize how worth it we are. Instead we fixate on magazines and Instagram to tell us what to wear. That’s where we’ve gone wrong.

I lead women on a journey to the heart and soul of their style.  We wake up their style tiger that was sleeping underneath all the wrong clothes.  I lead them to a place where they can sensually feel their bodies and feel safe.

Do you know how you want to feel in your body?

Deep down your body craves to feel expressed.  It craves to feel present. It desires tenderness and connection. It loves the sensation of fulfillment.
Yes, all that is the feeling of being satisfied inside and out.

Do you feel satisfied?

Many times on the journey to reach your heart’s desires, we go on a rollercoaster ride.  We soar high and then come crashing down. This up and down can be exhausting, but it’s also part of the human condition.

We feel deeply.  

We feel the good things and we feel the bad things.  When you learn that your negative emotions are just your body’s way of recognizing that you have a deeply positive desire and the contrast you feel means your desire is not met.

You can change this sensation by connecting with your body and serving it in micro ways to guide yourself towards your dreams.

I do this with style.

Inside… body, emotions, energy.

Outside… body, vibe, presence.

How you feel can’t be hidden, so learn to cultivate your vibe with style.  Learn to embrace your body and express your soul. Wake up your style tiger.

Activating your style tiger means feeling in and learning to express yourself with clothing, your true style.

Grab your free Heart & Soul of Style Guided Meditation.  Get started on waking your style tiger.  Feel into your body. Let go. Let your body guide you to the fit & feel it needs to be as effective and powerful as possible!

I love helping women uncover their true soul style. It’s been there all along. Together, we tune into your magical essence, so the world can see the amazing woman you’ve become.

Stay tuned for new convos (aka The Podcast Getting Dressed with Carrie Montgomery) coming soon! We’ll continue the conversation on style and the most dreaded question of all: “What do I wear?”





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Swing into Summer Style

Swing into Summer Style Blog

Do you feel the warmth of Summer air on your face?  Up here in the northern hemisphere, we are in full swing of Summer.  The days are longer. The light is glowing gentle, soft, breeze kisses your skin.  The sunsets take your breath away as you melt into moments of peace and exhale the energy from the day.

Flow is a feeling that becomes an action.  

Many times I tell my clients that when they feel pent up, frustrated, and tense, well, it’s time to train the body to let go. For someone who experienced a bundle of trauma, I need all the support I can get. This practice helps me stay calm.

When tension builds in the body, there is most definitely a resistant sub-conversation happening in your mind. And guess what? The resistance can block you from EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE.

So, how do you train your body to swing into summer style? To feel more free and fun wearing your favorite maxi dress and strolling in a place you love. For me, the beach is my happy place. I love dipping my toes in the water and letting the waves wash over me.

Summer is liberating.  Summer is external. Summer is adventuresome. So, your style can be too!

Let go of what anyone ever told you about how your style should look.  Feel into your body. Each morning, ask it what is needs to feel as effective and powerful as possible.  THIS, my love, is a game changing way to create an irresistible essence about you.

You are energy.  Let’s let the world feel your VIBE and how much fun you are!

Grab my new guided meditation: The Heart and Soul of Style.  As you listen to my words, you’ll tap into what it takes to get dressed in the most aligned, open, free, fun, and heartfelt way. Best part? What you dream about will start coming to you!

Let your body feel the freedom of Summer and go with the flow in style.

For all my loves celebrating independence day in America tomorrow, rock your red, white and blue!



P.S. Tag me on IG @stylebymonty or FB in a photo of you with your outfit and let me know your biggest takeaway. Use hashtag #HeartandSoulofStyle



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Freedom to be You

Freedom to be You Blog

Hey Beauty!

It’s my birthday and I have a gift for you!  

Inside this sparkly gold box is a piece of paper. In black script, you’ll read the words:


I mean TRULY be ALL of your magical, wild self!

Today, I’m at Mel Wells’ Self Love Summit. When you embrace the path to personal liberation through ANY WAY POSSIBLE (meditation, Soul Style, traveling), life will transform for you. All the health, purpose, and relationships you’re craving will start to flow your way.

A few years ago, I turned my nose up to the phrase “SELF LOVE.”  I lost faith that I could transform anything by saying, “I love you!” in the mirror. I mean, could I feel more free and alive through affirmations?

The words Self Love made my skin crawl, because I thought it was something outside myself. I thought some guru or author had to fix me.  Ultimately, I had an unhealthy belief that I was broken. Which reaffirmed that I couldn’t be fixed. :(

When I created my Transformational Style Coaching practice, it was born out of a desire to heal myself.  To take bold action without second guessing myself. In my process to accept my body where it was, I started applying everything I learned on my healing journey.  Things like guided meditation, EFT, and affirmations.

My Soul Style clients gave me the opportunity to teach them how to apply techniques to feel at home in their bodies. As I worked through the process, I taught, and taught, and taught.  

It’s the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. Taking all the wisdom, skills, and experience to create a way to teach women to journey into their bodies, witness their current energy thermostat, create a desired new state of mind through getting dressed, so they could create their dreams.  

I hold hands with my women. I listen to their souls and keep their burning desires alive, so they can experience everything they’re dreaming up. Whether you want to create your first online course, speak on stage, or write a book -- it’s all possible when you hold the intention and dig deep.

My approach is spiritual. Learning how to marry your inner and outer expression with ease, grace, and beauty will light you up, give you energy, and transform the way others see you. You’ll go from a turtle hiding in her shell to fanning your indigo peacock feathers with pride.. Being a Soul Style Mentor fills up my heart and soul.

Soul and style are the pinnacle of freedom.

I remember being 18 and coming out of my reconstructive spinal surgery, I saw life in a different way.  I knew there was something out there beyond my body. I’ve spent 25 years journeying to learn more and integrate it.

Style is beyond just the clothes you wear.  Yes, clothes are part of the expression, but there is truly a way to integrate HOW YOU FEEL now, with how you desire to feel and use clothing to manage the energy to get there.

Subconsciously, I did this for years to manage chronic pain. It was after my last surgery (the 13th one) that I become acutely conscious about this connection.  Deep down in my heart, I wanted to change how women felt in their bodies. Now ...

I help transform a woman’s sense of self, so that she can effortlessly answer her life’s calling.

I mean, who wants to live in constant panic, fear, and anxiety? I don’t and my birthday wish is for you to find your freedom Freedom to stand up for yourself. Freedom to do your great work. Freedom to wear the clothes you admire and feel confident in your cells.

I invite you to connect with me if you’re looking to uplevel your life. If you desire to have clarity on your vision and know how to get there, let me hold your hand.

I’ve opened up some spots on my calendar for July. Grab a Soul Style Chat on my calendar.  I’d love to help you find what’s blocking from embodying your success.

We’re going to tap into what you’re heart and soul needs and how that looks.  Partnering with your imagination is so important to bring your dreams to life.  

Unlike my other invitations, this isn’t offered anywhere else but this blog. A Soul Style Chat is a personal, step-by-step system to go from feeling insecure in your body to feeling confident in your skin that helped my work be featured on Super Soul Sunday and the cover of Maine Life magazine.


You can access a complimentary spot on my calendar within days. Just click here and find a time. Everything I know about embodying your sexy Soul Style is organized and easy to do.


Claim your Soul Style Chat -- available for a short time.

I hope this helps you feel more free in your body, so you can express your soul’d calling.

Let me guide you.

Can’t wait to hear what you’re up to!


The Heart & soul of style

comes from the inside out.

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The Heart and Soul of Style

The Heart and Soul of Style

A few weeks ago I was walking down the street in Milan with two of my bestie girlfriends, Marta and Lara (I love that they are sisters).  We had just celebrated the birthday of one’s partner. It was a night filled with laughter and dancing.

We started talking about style, trends, stereotypes, and vibes.

We each had our own phases in time

I went from a baby punk, to a hippie, to a club girl, to a professional… each identity change was a whole new wardrobe, a whole new look and feel to me.  I was expressing what was going on in my life at that time. What my values were. What my lifestyle was about. How I was spending my time.
These are stereotypes.  That why we have them. A collective of people all make a somewhat subconscious agreement that if you live this way, that’s what it looks like.

Marta went on to say all her different style transitions went from her edgier side, to her bohemian side… and then she said, but that not what it’s about…

“It’s really about having fun.”

This is the truth.  Fun, pleasure, experiment, play, express, be where you are.

Now, more than ever, we’re able to cross lines of certain stereotypes and just play with how we feel and what we want to express.
But here’s the deal.  It can get really confusing when you have no idea how to get clear on how you feel and express that in a physical form.

Don’t worry, I got your back. I made a new meditation for you: The Heart and Soul of Getting Dressed. It’s a way for you to make decisions about what to wear daily for your body. This is The Somatic Dressing Method™️. 

If you’re looking for more conversation on your style come join us in my new Facebook Group Getting Dressed.

Can’t wait to see you there and support you, whatever style phase you’re in.


The Heart & Soul of Style

Comes from the Inside Out.

Cultivate your style and presence with this new meditation.

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Authority of Your Body

Authority of Your Body Blog

I’ve been steeped in conversations lately with women all over the world. We’re talking body, business, and soul. The last one was with Jillian Bollanz for her podcastMorning Sunshine!

We hit home on the deep meaning of alignment and trusting yourself.

It’s not an easy journey to get there. You’ve probably been knocked down a few times, got some scrapes and scars, but you keep trucking along until it clicks.

You might be saying, “I’m exhausted with this journey. When is my time to shine?”

Beauty, it’s your time, everyday.

Yikes! “Say what?”

Your time is now… Yes. And it’s totally up to you.

First things first, you must be in touch with your body. That means emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Yes, I’m a recovering rocket seat ejector who never spent a moment in her body, because it was just too damn uncomfortable. I had no authority over my being.

I handed it over to healers, doctors, friends, men, my family…

I didn’t know how to relax and own my own presence without it backlashing in some painfully negative way.

Authority is not some strict power. It’s actually a sense of comfort, confidence, and inner knowing or a deep ability to own your presence.This takes shape in all forms. From how you speak, stand, move, walk, dress, dance, eat. There’s a level of consciousness brought to the equation.

When you master this, being in your body becomes magical. When you stand clear in your own inner authority without force, you glide into a room with elegance and grace. You know how to laugh at the trip that almost made you fall flat on your face. You move towards the dreams that make realities change for you and the world around you.

Do you see the one center fold in all of this is YOU? Knowing how to take care of your energy will instantly shift the way the world sees you … as powerful as ever.

Take a minute and honor yourself. Go for a walk or jump in the car for a drive and plug into this amazing conversation between Jillian and I. This lady is up to big things, so you’re gonna want to keep following her journey! Especially since she has a great event coming up True You Live.

As always, email me to leave a comment. I’d love to hear your insights!



Birthing a Positive Body Image

Cassandra Promo

This is one of my all time favorite interviews with the AMAZING, Cassandra Shuck.  We dove right into the juicy bits on body, soul, style, and biz! 

You’ll learn:

  • How my first surgery birthed my spiritual journey and through many surgeries, my life’s work was born.

  • How I was always drawn towards creative avenues and realized that clothing and getting dressed every morning was a vital part of my identity.

  • How my business transformed from small in-person styling, to an online movement.

  • The Somatic Method of Dressing is a mindful way of getting dressed that takes your emotions and experiences into account. This also creates deep inner trust when it comes to your relationship with your body.

  • Instead of looking to others for security, you should look within yourself to find answers and be your own advocate.

You can listen in right here!


  • “You’re learning to accept who you are when you start to learn about your emotions… it’s about accepting and understanding that it’s OK to be right where you are.”

  • “My curiosity for the outside world is a little bit less, and my curiosity for the inside world is much greater.”

  • “I want to support any and every woman that is struggling with how they feel inside their body.”

Have a listen and share with me how you see your body in a positive light!



How to Manage Your Vibe

How to Manage Your Vibe

Have you ever woken up, pulled the covers over your head, and decided it’s best you stay in bed? We call that a *Vibe Off* day here in Carrie Montgomery world.

On the flip side, you have days when you spring out of bed ready to play with the adventure of your life. You’re bright, You’re free, You’re light, You’re ready… this is a *Vibe On* day.

Many people swing from Vibe On... to Vibe Off like the rollercoaster you dare to ride at the amusement park. Sometimes you love the dip and rise in your tummy. Sometimes you grip and hold on for dear life.

How to Manage Your Vibe Blog Carrie Montcomery

Well, I have a special invitation for you.

No matter where you are, we all need tools to make it a Vibe On kinda day sometimes. Shooting for your ethereal stars, let’s you create hope and a big vision for your life.  At times, the tasks to create the vision can be challenging or draining.

That’s when you need to talk to your body.

The story, the feeling, the expression; it’s all right inside you. There’s no need to ask someone else for advice. You hold the answer, inside of you.  It’s about developing the dialogue with yourself and trusting your inner voice, so you can take action.  

When I started styling, it was about creating an outfit for a client that made them feel and look good.  In order to embody confidence, it’s much more about feeling-good than the looking-good.

It’s all about the VIBE you put out there.  Cultivating your vibe is a bio-individual process.  

You must polish the energy you’re sending out into the world, just as much as you’d iron your top.  Want the magical secret? When you witness yourself right where you are and support yourself; you own your VIBE (the energy you put out).  This is revolutionary when it comes to personal style and personal presence.

Yes, I can help you pick sexy looks, but my love, the conversation inside you is more important than the top, or dress, or heels you wear.  When you learn to decide what to wear based on your energetic needs each day, you’ll be seen as the beautiful goddess you are.

What does your body need to be as effective and powerful as possible? Soul Style is your missing piece.

Join me for a free online class on the 4 Keys to Uncover & Embrace Your Soul Style for Success.

Hiding your true Soul Style is blocking you from success, happiness, and more importantly denying you your power. This makes it much harder to get noticed and earn money.

Knowing how to get dressed for your energy is essential, which is what I’ll be teaching in my free training. If you’re like most women I meet, you’ve likely tried these things:

  • Downloaded free guides to Capsule Wardrobe - where do you even start?

  • Bought trendy clothes and expensive handbags, because they’re supposed to make you feel confident (then felt guilty that you wasted money)

  • Invested in nice clothing for events and not everyday life

I get it, Name.

It’s tough to know how to dress for success. So many emotions swirl in our mind about how you feel about your body, and what you think you should look like. It’s draining.

On the bright side, you have a choice.

You can keep trying to figure your style out on your own, or you can use my strategies (for free) and start feeling successful in a few weeks.

Click here to sign up for my free “4 Keys To Discover & Embrace Your True Style For Unlimited Success” online training.

You’ll have a chance to ask questions and connect with me on the call.

See you there! :)



P.S. Sign up here!

Evolution of Style

Blog Header (1) (1).png

You might have guessed this already, but everyone has a different style. No two styles are alike.

And you might be like… ”Carrie, I have no idea what my style is!” (hair raising scream) It’s OK. Seriously, we’ve all been there. I know with all my global moves from cities, to countryside, to islands, to the desert, I have had my fair share of identity (aka STYLE) shifts.

You make choices that resonate with you in your environment. It’s called Bio Individuality or your own Sass! BUT when you start to step out of your arena and are growing into a new space, be it work, a new business venture, or maybe even just taking time off, a new identity arises.

You think,” WTF does that look like?”

How about asking yourself what does that FEEL like?

Do I need soft and cozy? (more athleisure)

Do I need structure and routine? (more form fitted clothes)

Do I need ease and flow? (maxi dress or flowy top)

Do I need support? (high waisted pants, please)

You might think, I need to know what shape that is and how does it fit my size? (remember everyone is different) If I told you that you were a pear shape and needed to wear Aline dresses and we should counter your hip width with broader shoulders, well, there are gonna be some hard feeling convos in there.

But if I asked you how you felt and what your body needed to be as EFFECTIVE and POWERFUL as possible… instinctually you will start to recognize how you feel in your body as a tool… an informant to choosing clothing that makes you feel more CONFIDENT.

We can have avatars of people we think we like or look like and build our style off that. But that’s an outside in perspective. It’s helpful to know what you are attracted to, but it’s more important to know how your body feels and what it needs.

When I first do a discovery with a client, I look at three areas to get perspective of their style and where they want to go.

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Body Image
  3. Body Shape

When you have an understanding of these 3 things, well, you can never go wrong!

Your style will always evolve based on where you are, the weather, your environment, how you feel and what you are doing. But it doesn’t have to be complex.

Try doing a brainstorm exercise and play with your dream style. Grab my Pinterest Worksheet and have fun building out your desired look and feel. I use this with all my students and clients.

Feel free to respond and share me your Pinterest board with me!