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Do you feel the warmth of Summer air on your face?  Up here in the northern hemisphere, we are in full swing of Summer.  The days are longer. The light is glowing gentle, soft, breeze kisses your skin.  The sunsets take your breath away as you melt into moments of peace and exhale the energy from the day.

Flow is a feeling that becomes an action.  

Many times I tell my clients that when they feel pent up, frustrated, and tense, well, it’s time to train the body to let go. For someone who experienced a bundle of trauma, I need all the support I can get. This practice helps me stay calm.

When tension builds in the body, there is most definitely a resistant sub-conversation happening in your mind. And guess what? The resistance can block you from EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE.

So, how do you train your body to swing into summer style? To feel more free and fun wearing your favorite maxi dress and strolling in a place you love. For me, the beach is my happy place. I love dipping my toes in the water and letting the waves wash over me.

Summer is liberating.  Summer is external. Summer is adventuresome. So, your style can be too!

Let go of what anyone ever told you about how your style should look.  Feel into your body. Each morning, ask it what is needs to feel as effective and powerful as possible.  THIS, my love, is a game changing way to create an irresistible essence about you.

You are energy.  Let’s let the world feel your VIBE and how much fun you are!

Grab my new guided meditation: The Heart and Soul of Style.  As you listen to my words, you’ll tap into what it takes to get dressed in the most aligned, open, free, fun, and heartfelt way. Best part? What you dream about will start coming to you!

Let your body feel the freedom of Summer and go with the flow in style.

For all my loves celebrating independence day in America tomorrow, rock your red, white and blue!



P.S. Tag me on IG @stylebymonty or FB in a photo of you with your outfit and let me know your biggest takeaway. Use hashtag #HeartandSoulofStyle



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