Are You in a Style Rut?

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It often comes on like the flu. You wake up in a subtle fog. It’s not really clear what's happening, but you know “something’s off.” Then you go look in the mirror and you think, “Ugh, seriously, these bags. What am I going to do? I just look puffy and tired.”

Turning your back on the mirror you stumble into your closet. You open the doors and...there is an empty pit in your stomach as you realize… “I have nothing to wear.”

Yup, that’s a style rut. Absolute frustration with the way you look and how you feel in your body.

The number one secret to this realization is that it has nothing to do with how you look. It’s all about how you feel and how you connect to your body. The style lens is shifting perspective and looking on the inside first.

When you feel these symptoms coming on:

  • Fog
  • Annoyed when you looking the mirror
  • Lackluster feeling about life

Pause… ask your body what it needs… seriously. We only have one primary relationship in our lives that is paramount to all else, and it is with ourselves. Once this bond is truly untied, then (and only then) we can reach out beyond ourselves. Otherwise we fall short time and again.

So next time you wake up, take a breath and check in.

If you need more evidence you are living in a disconnected style state, check out this list of ways you could be hiding or compensating.

Ways you may be dressing:

  • Baggy clothes, which can be a sign of body image issues
  • Bulky sweaters, which can be a sign of needing a security blanket (except when it’s below freezing!)
  • All black, which can be a sign of hiding
  • Sweats, which can also be a sign of hiding
  • Too sexy, which is a sign of insecurities and over-compensating

When you shift the lens of your style from the outside to the inside, your body dictates what it needs for support. (Yes, the physical and emotional kind of support.)

Know yourself and dress accordingly:

  • Follow the lines of your body
  • Understand how you feel and what you body needs to be more confident and comfortable
  • Know what accents and details will bring out the image you desire to express about yourself

Want to get more connected to your style? Start here by downloading my Top Ten Tips to Revolutionize Your Style. Get ready to become a magnetic super soul style goddess!


With adoration and ambition,



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