7 Tips to Spring into Your Style


Can you feel spring right around the corner? I am sure the cherry blossoms have bloomed in DC, and I know England is starting to see the buds come up and open.

Well, here in Maine our winter lasts a little bit longer. The bone-crushing chill has eased, but snow storms are still a possibility. Oh man, does this kill my Spring Style Cravings. I can’t wait to lighten up the layers and shift from cashmere to cottons, or slip into a rayon duster coat that flows behind me with every step. And my ankles - can we say cropped pants with funky sneakers? I say yes to the days when I can let my ankles out to feel the air kiss them sweetly. And I have a new pair of high-waisted cotton linen pants waiting to see the light of day and be the subject of the season.

It’s true that after months of bundling up, getting cozy fireside, keeping extra layers on to feel the heat build inside…. I am finally ready to take a few layers off, lighten them up, reduce the weight that is starting to bring me down.

It’s a shedding. I find spring to be inspiring and full of wardrobe wonders.  

So if you are itching to get closer to some linen (we are almost there, summer) and find some flow, here are some top items to keep your eyes on:


1 . The Square Neck (put some heart into it)

Wear this top with flowy wide-leg pants or even skinny jeans. Every woman can rock an open-heart, full-sleeve power pose! Don’t you want to be the woman who enters the room with a  recognized sense of confidence and well-being? There is nothing like a shift that reinforces all the power you contain inside yourself to give out to the world.

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2 . Dark Denim (make a monochrome statement)

Dark, seductive denim is a great way to pull your energy back in. You know those days where you feel little worn down, maybe bleary-eyed from the persistent outpouring of daily activities?  The last thing you want to feel is like you are falling out of yourself. Denim is a great structural support for your body. It can pull you in and create a soothing container (as long as there’s a little stretch). The darker the color, the more you can downplay and soothe the exhausted energies. Resource yourself and keep it a simple statement. Throw on a matching jean jacket, and you are full monochrome. Nothing makes a statement like monochrome. It’s a gentle “Don’t mess with me...I know what’s going on” kind of moment.

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3. Super Femme

Flirty femme ain’t my thing, but a powerhouse showing her romantic side? Now you’ve got me going! Get into the flow with an elegant high/low spring-to-summer dress. Connect to the softer side of your heart - yes, what you want to share with the world. You'll have glowing confidence and security being YOU. Light up the room with your elegant, romantic, heart-filled vibe. Everyone will want to know what you’ve got going on.

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4. The Wide-Leg Pants (stand tall and proud)

I Love me some proud power pants. there is nothing like the standing-tall-and-proud-of-my-legs moment in a wide-leg pant.  This isn’t about being the object, this is about feeling the flow, ready to make an impact. Yes, you - the one walking on stage ready for the world to hear your story and how you influence great change on our planet.

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5. Dare I Say the Fanny Pack Is Back?

Ok, I know...say what? I have to say, I love having my hands free. There is nothing like a day full of adventure with nothing to tie you down, no purse to lug around, no leaving your chapstick, essential oils, and phone behind. The fanny pack is where it’s at for true adventure where you can still have your accoutrements with you. I never gave up my fanny pack from 20+ years ago. I actually use it while styling (it’s my toolbox). If you don’t have big boobs to battle with, try it over one shoulder, crossbody-style. Now that’s hip!

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6. Fringe (let it flow)

You can do it. More like, JUST FEEL IT.  Fringe moves dynamically with your movement, reminding you of your energy.  Use that to gain momentum, stand tall, and release excess energy. I like fringe on my purse - I love the sensation created with every step!

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7. Statement Straw Hats (can we say get ready for summer)

This is the real summer teaser, but I am sure you will have some Sunday brunches where you wish you had some cover for your precious skin. Get ready because summer is around the corner. Be an early adopter and rock the look.

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Now, let me throw out a disclaimer. Trends are just inspiration and monetization systems. You don’t need to follow a trend unless it inspires you and it feels authentic to your personality. You don’t need a trend to make you more cool or make you a part of the “in crowd.”  

What you do need is to feel confident and comfortable in your skin. So if you have old clothes lying around and you just need to clear them out, grab my closet cleanse NOW. Spring is a great time to refresh and reset intentions!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


Cherishing you,



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