She Got the Man, the Dress, and the New Archetype

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Style is so much more than how you look. It’s why I created a system to walk you through a full transformation inside and out.

NO one likes showing up to a party knowing they’re wearing the wrong outfit. You just feel awkward and uncomfortable.

I’ve spent the past month reconnecting with some clients that found me a year or even 2-3 years ago. I noticed a change in myself and I wanted to check in with them.

It’s true, your clients can be a mirror of what’s going on with you.

Across the board, each one said they noticed changes in how they appeared in the mirror. What used to be a challenge and comfort zone was no longer hard or working for them.

They desired new colors, new heel heights, their weight had dropped… now these ladies have been doing my work on steroids and have been practicing and implementing. I mean, that’s how you get results right?

They’re in the “I’m cool with being visible phase.” Well, actually they no longer want to hide, they are ready to show up, they know how to modulate their energy to meet their desires.

The most amazing mindset change they experienced was they were no longer making themselves wrong for who they were when an outfit didn’t work out, but realize they desired a shift in their energy with a different heel height or cut of dress.

They stepped into a new, empowered version of self.

Each one had accomplished their vision and were ready for the next level phase of their big vision. So, we shifted their archetypes.

One went from a Rocker Maven to a Rocker Alchemist. Her edge is still part of the leading image, but her goal of claiming her expertise in her work is met and she can not embody the true spirit of the alchemy of being an astrologer.

Another went from an Elegant Shadowdancer to a Chic Shadowdancer. Doesn’t seem like much of a difference, right? But it’s the aligned embodiment that matches the refined desired. A more clean line that has a sense of structure and brings a sense of ease to her presence. She can still be elegant in the chic, but the chic is leading the focal aesthetic and embodied sensation.

Do you see how these tiny little adjustments that bring your body into alignment with your vision?

I love this one as her manifestation since we started to work together in 2017 has been EPIC. She had it all planned out. I’m not much of a big planner, as the say ‘God’s laughing while you make plans.’ We used her feminine essence and more graceful embodiment by claiming the Elegant Heroine. It gave her a little edge outside of classic and preppy and she found a sense of ease.

The masterful part is she has written a book, launched and did a book tour, she got engaged (just as planned), and is buying a house just as desired. Her visions stayed on target and on track. She truly has mastered her world inside and out.

When she came to me saying I can’t wear black anymore. What’s going on? I need new heels? I don’t want to hide in my shirts. She exactly what she wanted to embody and be visible and confident doing it.

She’s ready to take off the edge that powered her through the past two years of productivity and is now embracing her Sophisticated Goddess Style Archetype.

These transformations, these alter ego’s, these embodied women are on track to creating the world they desire to live in. They are powerhouses of their destiny.

I just help guide and curate for them.

The power of a Style Archetype allows you to notice the sign posts in your fine tuning process.

Join me for a free masterclass on The 4 Keys To Discover & Embrace Your True Style For Unlimited Success.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why hiding your true soul style is blocking you from success, wealth, and happiness, and more importantly denying you your power

  • Find out how to connect with your unique style archetype, so you can unlock the strength that dressing can bring (most women go years without knowing this)

  • Why not knowing or expressing your soul style is holding you back from being seen as the woman you really are

  • Why buying $10K handbags and designer labels won't solve your style identity crisis

The world is waiting for you to claim your real identity and embrace your soul style for epic success.

See you there!




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