Why Knowing Your Style Archetype Is Your Style Secret Weapon

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Making a commitment to determining your style archetype means that you’re on the way to discovering your true self. It’s a fast path toward weeding out the stuff that isn’t you.

Your style archetype should be your focal point. It’s not your Bible, but it is the way you can make a commitment to a certain look. When you choose to add in elements of being a little more chic or a little more classic or refined, then you have a clearer understanding of who you are and how your style represents the true you.

Instead of walking into a shop with some vague notion in mind of who you are stylistically, you know exactly what pieces you’re on the hunt for and then you’re able to articulate your true self to the rest of the world.

How many times have you walked into a store and asked yourself questions like these:

Do I even like floral?

How can I make this look chic?

Does this look good on my shape?

Am I buying this because I have no clear idea of what I want to present?

Or maybe you shop online and just end up wasting money because you have no idea what’s going to look good on you. You’re not paying attention to what you want because you haven’t defined what you want!

A style archetype gives you a synchronicity and cohesiveness to your wardrobe. Instead of opening up your closet and seeing the remnants of forty different women, a style archetype means every piece you own reflects you in some way.

When you build a wardrobe with pieces that work with each other and not against, it means every outfit you create is going to work.

This goes far beyond just picking an item, though. When you have a style archetype, that means you’ve taken the step toward creating a brand identity for your business and life that you can wear and express. Identity can be a resource to your visual and visceral experiences in the world, so you don’t ever have to fall down the rabbit hole of questioning yourself.

Ever again.

I can teach you how to trust yourself and be present with yourself so that you can lean into who you want to become. When you’re clear with where you are, and who you are, and how you operate in life, your style archetype manifests naturally as an outpouring of who you truly are.

The more confident you start to feel, the more you’re able to reaffirm to yourself that you’re okay with who you are.

Imagine walking into that same store and, instead of wondering if something looks good, knowing that what you’re adorning your body with is the perfect complement to who you are. This is totally possible! But you have to do the work, right? You have to ask yourself what you want and get a clear vision of what you want to present to your world.

I really think there’s something super beautiful in consciously creating the universe we want to live in. It’s powerful and something that we all need to do a little more of, and that’s what this is all about. A style archetype takes the questions out of creating this universe for yourself, and you’ll learn to love yourself a little more in the process.

If you are interested in learning more, let’s jump on a discovery call. I’d love to know where you are on your style and personal branding journey! Book our call here... I can’t wait to connect!



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