3 Tips to Marry Your Style

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Do you feel like you want to divorce your wardrobe? The fits of frustration when you open the closet door naked and realize you have nothing to wear. There is a closet full of clothes, but nothing is speaking to you.

Those clothes...
don’t feel authentically you..
don’t fit...
feel boring...
feel outdated...
look tattered...

Sister...we got a problem here. It you are glazing over right now, I just hit a button.

Take a deep breath and come back to life.

There are only 3 things you really need to be conscious of when it comes to style:

1. Your Lifestyle

2. Your Silhouette

3. Your Energy

The rest can be thrown out the window. Let’s keep it simple.

Your lifestyle dictates your daily activities, who you will be connecting with or showing up for. It is paramount to find a sense of ease and harmony with how you live your life.

If you are hoping to wear a ball gown, but you don’t have any celebratory events scheduled...well, it's not going to happen. Add that to your Pinterest vision board. Directions here.

If you are showing up to the office every day in an extra restricting suit, but you are really dreaming of days reaching the world in your yoga pants... seriously add this to your Pinterest vision board. Directions here

If you are stuck behind the computer in your yoga wear, and the kids are tearing around in the background, but you dream of going onstage to speak to your tribe in a soulful, heartfelt way... you know what? It’s time to start pinning that dream to your Pinterest vision board. Directions here

{Grab my signature guide to rocking your next photoshoot!}

Your silhouette. Yep, it’s time to get naked and stand in front of the mirror. Have a look at what you see. Recognize the proportions of your hips, shoulders, belly. The size of your boobs, butt, and the length of your arms and legs. Now, before you start criticizing your body, just say, “Hi, I see you, beauty.” That’s all. Be gentle with this one. We are taught to look at ourselves and want to change how we look. We are taught to look at ourselves and diminish who we are. I know you might say, “But I try so hard to feel good.”

Honestly, acceptance is the best remedy here. Being able to see the bare you with kind, gentle, loving eyes. Well, that's revolutionary in my world and in my clients’ eyes.

Here are some tools to soften the experience. Use candlelight to start. Allow yourself to be alone, so this may be a late night activity if you have kiddos and a husband. Just stand there and listen to what you hear. Have your most comfortable robe next to you to slither into and grab your journal. Write down what you heard. Start the conversation with your body. If you are ready, take the writing to a place where you desire to feel.

Be with yourself just as you are and love on yourself.

My last style-awakening tip:

Your energy is where the heart of you is. This is a place of deep connection to your true self. If you want to be the woman in the ball gown, but you haven’t given yourself the permission to step into that...well, there is a block. Yes, you are blocking yourself from the next epic step. 

It’s maddening. It’s a subconscious current that stands between you and the future potential you desire to bring into the world. When my clients learn about this, it’s life-altering. They give themselves permission to step into their aspiring selves and take risks, with full awareness of the gremlins that may haunt them along the way. 

You will never escape your past, but you can step into your future with the bold awareness that you have tools to support who you are, how you stand up tall, and how you receive the world around you.

My friend, you have a choice.

Enjoy marrying your style.


With love,


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