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Are you ready to look and feel good every day?

Are you ready to put yourself out there in business and life feeling confident and secure in your ventures?

Are you ready for your personal brand and style to show up as a package that reflects the message and products you're putting out into the world?

If yes - keep reading!

I have a deep belief in this modern era that we all have an image to embody. With the rise of social media and the imagery we put out into the world, we are letting people know who we are and how we help every single day.

With our posts we're saying, "Hey world, look at me! I can help you!"

But, if you're anything like me, sometimes when you look at your pictures you think:

What was I thinking?

I can't do this.

Who I am to tell people I can help them?

When I first started doing shoots for personal brands, all too often my clients would text me in a panic when they got their photos back. Women would come to me with total shame looking at the images of themselves. They might have loved the shots, but they’d often get into the nitty-gritty criticizing each part of their bodies. You know, everything they thought was wrong.

I would hold space and we would shift the narrative on what they’d say. 

So in an effort to manage expectations, I was straight-up with them: “Be prepared to be shocked, annoyed, or disappointed. The critical eye always comes out when looking at an image of self.” The crazy thing is when I told them what they could feel, each one came back to me loving their shots.

The critical eye disappeared with self-awareness.

But you have to know, countless hours of preparation goes into these shoots. I produce, manage, and curate the looks and experiences. I love building the full package.

That’s why I am putting together the A-Z Photoshoot Prep Experience. Everything you need to know to get camera-ready so the world can see you in your A game!

Here’s the beautiful thing - you get to choose exactly how you want to look, what the world gets to see, and I will give you the insiders’ process so you know:

  • How to brainstorm to find your big vision
  • What 5 outfits to use
  • What your hair and makeup needs to be like (aligned with you)
  • How to be fully prepared for your shoot
  • How to pose in front of the camera and project your true energy

Are you interested in a course that walks you through the steps to get in front of the camera for your brand shoot?

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If you haven’t grabbed my Photo Shoot Checklist, you can get it here.

I can’t wait to get you shining like the super star you are.





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