Style Secret: Follow your Silhouette

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Hey, Beauty,

I don’t believe in shortcuts.

No, really.

I mean, I love getting things done efficiently, and I like using my time in constructive ways, but I think there’s really something to putting in the work. It makes whatever project I’m working on feel way more fulfilling when I know I didn’t cut corners or take the easy way.

With that said, there are a few tips and tricks that could technically be considered shortcuts that I use all the time when picking outfits and talking style.

In my last post, I talked about the fact that you have to be ready and willing to do the work to find your style archetype. That’s key in determining what kind of message you want to send to the world and in helping you manifest what you want out of this life.

It’s hard work but it’s rewarding because in the end, you’re expressing exactly who you are and who you want to be.


There is one style shortcut that works for all body shapes and types. So this is like one of the only times I break my own rule. We’re all a little bit rebel, right?

So here’s the shortcut.

Don’t add extra weight by throwing on tons of extra material unless you’re conscious of what you’re doing.

Let me share a client story with you. One of my clients has these powerful shoulders, and we’re trying to do two things for her. One, create a heart connection from an energetic standpoint. Two, try to lessen the bulkiness of her shoulder region.

So what I do is help her manifest the energetic sensation of standing tall and lifting out from the heart instead of caving in and trying to hide her shoulders. Next we put her in a deep V-neck that creates the negative space we need and makes her feel confident, fierce, and powerful.

When you follow your silhouette, you’re staying true to exactly who you are.

Step One

Take a look in a full-length mirror and determine your natural shape. It might seem silly, but it’s a step that so many of my clients completely ignore.

Step Two

Figure out where the smallest parts are on your body. Highlight those or accent them if you want to look leaner.  Or create an accent down the centerline of your body. Anything that brings the eye to the centerline will make you look leaner.

Step Three

When you’re trying something on, pay attention to how the fabric feels and how shapes fall on your body.

Remember when I said earlier that I’ve got a little bit of rebel in me? Well here’s another rule that I like to break.

Breaking the style rules you might think exist means that you’re never going to wear too much fabric because you’re checking in with both the fabric and the energy.

There’s something around breaking the rules when it comes to creating a physical sensation with what you wear. It’s actually creating an energy that you need to follow to get you through the day. And that’s when style can be an asset.

Sometimes we have to manipulate our energy to get ourselves to do the things that need to get done in life. By wearing clothing that creates an energetic balance or an energetic expression, or even when it allows you to energetically level-up, you’re serving yourself and the rest of the world because you’re manipulating your energy to get your desired results.

If you need more insights on the best way to get connected to your style, grab my Top Ten Style Revolution tips today!  Review them, play with them, email me and tell me how they work out or what obstacles you may have.  

With love,


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