The Feel Good, Look Good Approach to Life

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Hi, Beauty,

Remember that time you walked into the room with your chest held high, your shoulders relaxed down your back, your lips extending from ear to ear, your eyes bright with sparks?

No? Has this moment not happened yet?

I know, showing up in a room full of people you may or may not know can be nerve-racking.  Hey, (wo)man, getting outta bed on the daily can be nerve-racking (aka exciting or debilitating) when you’re up to big things! 

There is a way to make all these nerve-racking actions easier to integrate.

Interested? Keep reading.

Over the past 3 years, I have been teaching women how to get dressed, look good, and align their personal style with image, brand, and body. It’s a culmination of over 20 years of my work all neatly put together into one experiential, transformative container.

Style is a trifecta expression of your lifestyle, body image, and body architecture. These 3 areas are paramount to diving in to create a clear image of self that can be easily and quickly understood by fellow onlookers. I call this “image projection communication.” 

Are you projecting an image that quickly communicates your energy?

Honestly, that’s all they need to know to know if you vibe-- yes, your energy.

I bet you’re like, “Carrie, seriously how do I do that? I mean, energy is an inside thing.”

Guess what? Energy is an inside-out thing. And alignment brings you to a higher level vibration in your own experience in your body and of others, too.

The biggest obstacle I see every day with my clients is BODY IMAGE. Yes, how we see ourselves. It can be dysmorphic (an altered, negative perception of what is really there). Looking in the mirror can trigger negative thoughts and, well, get your day off to a rough start.
It doesn’t have to be that way.

What if I told you that your body knows all? It knows your needs, your style, your desires-- all the things.

I can show you how to get there. 

I created a process-- The Somatic Dressing Method™ -- for exactly this reason. We need to know where we stand with ourselves and how to support ourselves before we help anyone else.  Can we say, our own oxygen mask first?

To get dressed (for success) there is a little bit of fact-finding and data collection. By this I mean learning how to tap into your body as a tool and informant.

Your energy.
Your emotions.
Your story.
Your identity.

They all play a role in how you see your body. Your vibe is the result of these 3 things.

In The Somatic Dressing Method™ we map out this journey and experience, we identify the stories that are circling around you, then we create your magical, mystical, powerful identity with a customized Style Archetype.

This transformative style journey (on steroids) is my absolute pleasure and joy. Like I could talk all day every day about it (oh wait, I do!). I would like to invite you to the conversation.

You, me, and a cup of tea? Grab your breakthrough call and join the style revolution right here.

I can’t wait to connect.

Much love,


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