The Heavy of Being Light

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It’s true there is only one you. And you are statistically a cosmic miracle. Just that alone makes you incredibly valuable.

That’s all. No really. I have been in this conversation for quite some time about inherent value vs. worth and value. We can go down a whole cascade of psychological merry-go-rounds. 

But the real deal is YOU ARE VALUABLE. What you have to share with the world is a value-add. And what you get paid is equal to what you ask for, but not what you are worth.

Charging what you are worth is a mind F***.  Some people charge way too much, some not enough. You are the only person who can determine what that price is.

My Create Your Soul Style students popped in at the end of class asking how I decide what I charge for a course. My response was that you have to look at the cost of operating your business, the amount of money you need to make to survive (plus plus), and the amount of people you need to have in a group to charge a fair and reasonable rate.

Then decide and test it. See what the market will bear.  Start lower than you expect, get feedback, increase the price, then rinse and repeat. Run it, increase the value, increase the price.

Regardless of the success of your venture, you are inherently valuable. 

Do you go around telling your toddler they did not bring home any money today, so they’re not worth it? Not worth your time or attention?

No, you don't. You pay attention to your children and their needs.

But there are many who went without the love and attention they needed. Each of us are individuals and have different needs and requirements to survive - some needs are harder to meet than others. But we are all tasked with learning what our requirements are and how to communicate that.

What I have witnessed in my clients is that the illusion of being heavy is really just an energy. Yes, weight is made up of real pounds, and you gotta eat well and exercise, but weight is also energy. It’s THE HEAVY.

But you are LIGHT.

Take a minute and close your eyes. Take a peek inside and see your light. The fact that you can see your light means you're here with us. You’re alive. You are VALUABLE.

The next time you say to yourself, “I am so fat,” STOP and close your eyes. Say, “I am light. What is really happening?”

I deeply desire you to have the most EPIC 2018! My team and I have set an incredible year ahead. If you need to still look at your BRAND GOALS, check out last week's blog.

I am so thrilled you found me. I am so excited to get to know you more in 2018!


Much Love,

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