Curating an Authentic Brand Vision

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Hey beauty!

Yup, it’s that word again...AUTHENTIC...are you tired of it?

Frustrated with how to show the world who you are?

But seriously, can the world see the real you? Or are you filtering and hiding behind your Instagram feed? (Keep scrolling.)

Stepping out into the vision of your brand may be as hard as zipping up those high school jeans you’ve been dying to squeeze back into one day. You might be keeping them in the back of your closet, hoping one day you’ll lose that 15 lbs. and feel good about your body again.

The wild thing is… you don’t actually have to wait. You don’t need those jeans. You don’t need to look back and wish it were different.

You can trip into the future… Yes, future-tripping is a thing. I recommend stepping into your future self vision every once in a while. Take time to relax, restore, and use your imagination to take you places you dream of. I do this in meditation and in writing. It helps build a clear vision.  Attaching why you desire to have the vision you create is paramount to activation.

But honestly, the most important moment is right now here inside your body.

All the signs and signals are inside you.
All the wisdom is inside you. 
All the genius is inside you.

The product is you. The rest is packaging.

Let “the work” flow through you as you guide your clients to sanity. And yes, you are so allowed to do this in the latest Lululemon stretchy bum-huggers.

But does that really feel like you? 
Do you know what the real you looks like?
Do you want to be seen and heard for who you are?

You say, “Yeah, sure, Carrie, that sounds great. BUT what does that look like?”

Well, let me tell you, curating your authentic brand vision (sounds like a mouthful) is all about tapping into your inner edge and that soft, gushy heart you have inside. 

Let me get mushy for a second.

You started your biz to be a positive influence in the world. You saw opportunity and growth in a new marketplace. You tapped into a deep, heartfelt, connected space (in you). You had a dream to take center stage and speak from your soul. (Cue opera music.) You wanted to change the pace of life, and you knew it started with your actions. You wanted to be living proof you could tap dance, twirl, and push your thoughts to the world (the next Instagram sensation).

But the dream is very different than the reality. It takes dedication, focus, and belief in yourself to step into that big vision.

So let’s find that authentic brand vision.  Oh boy, it’s that word again...AUTHENTIC.

With this alignment you can build a brand where you get to be you, and your clients get to relish in the wisdom that you offer. It can be a brand that is approachable and honest. One that is knowledgeable and grounded. That is truly built around your values. You get to navigate and express it. You have a voice.

Let’s find the sartorial expression of your big why?

You might envision leather and lace.
You might gravitate towards buckles and bows.
You might see jeans and jewels.

I just opened up my calendar to chat with you. I’m taking discovery calls for the wise women who is ready to step into their lives, their brands, and their dreams more fully. Book your call here.

I won’t just get you dressed. I will get you embodied. So you can exude more confidence and clarity. So you can find your true value and raise your prices. So you can have stronger boundaries and more energy and enthusiasm to ask for the sale. You will have more openness to trust the process of “life and biz” and receive the results.

And that, my beauty, is your true style that the world needs to see.

You can grab a spot here. I have only 5 Body Brand Coaching spots open right now so don’t miss out.


Much love and style,


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