Find the magic of your brand

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Welcome to Q4. The home stretch of the year. You may be rock solid on target, or you may be way off the mark. The best thing to do right now is to recommit to your passion and purpose so that you close your year out with sparkles and unicorn flights.

Start now as the momentum will build and set you up for a banner 2020!  

So let’s dive in.

You are the magic of your brand. You are the unique driving force that channels the creative process for your business. Your commitment to your vision is what allows you to access the magical parts of you.

When I dive in with my clients, we look at all aspects of self and image. We take magic carpet rides into the realms of personal development to claim that unique, powerful, and impactful place for you to take a stand.

You may want to take a stand for women leading successful personal and professional lives like my client Amber Lilyestrom, Transformational Brand Strategist.

You may want to support women to create more health and wellbeing in their world like my client Michelle Cady, Health Coach.

You may want to support women stepping into the true healthy and wealthy self like my client Corin Hinderegger, Transformation Coach and Medical Intuitive.

You may desire to support women to grow their business, find their voice, and teach them how to share it with the world like my client Selena Soo, Publicity and Marketing Strategist.

Do you know what all these clients have in common? They are pristinely clear on their mission. They understand their purpose and share it boldly with the world.

Running your own business means you must manage many channels. There is working on your business and working in your business.

Working on Your Business activities:

  • Philosophy - Creating your core teaching philosophy or the service you sell

  • Marketing & Communication - Content development and strategy, such as blogs, newsletters, social media, email management

  • Manager - If you have a team, getting them to work in areas to help you buy back time and make more money

  • Publicity - Pitching media outlets (magazines, podcasts, and blogs) your ideas and vision

  • Networking - Creating strategic relationships that help your business grow, such as online summits, speaking engagements, masterminds, or other networking outlets

  • Systems Management - All the tools you need to create and execute your ideas

  • Accounting - Manage the money, baby!

Working in Your Business activities:

  • Coaching Calls - Group or 1-1

  • Speaking on Stage - Getting your message out and creating the content

  • Client Management and Care - Communication and project management or creation

Do you see the balance of the scales? The weight of needs to be taken care of versus the satisfaction and joy of executing your brilliance. I love The Big Leap as a reminder of what I desire to focus on most, and I bring in support for the other areas that are not my Zone of Genius.

There have definitely been times in business where all these tasks seem way too overwhelming and a defeat mindset will slip in. I know I’m not alone. I have many very successful friends that slip into the sense of lack, but the biggest game-changer comes when we live above the overwhelm and live into our passion and purpose.

That’s why I want you to take a moment and deep-dive into what you stand for.

I do this exercise every time I feel off mission or a little lost.

Here are the 5 steps:

  1. Put everything away, grab a pen and a piece of paper. Maybe light a candle and make a cup of tea. Turn on some soothing or inspiring music. (I use chakra meditations while I create when I know I am working on a specific area of activation in my body.)

  2. Go pie-in-the-sky, big picture and write down the essence you feel you bring to the world. Usually it’s the positive feedback that people tell you about yourself or how you feel while in an inspired place.  For example, for me, I am a passionate and innovative creator. I am connected  in a worldly and stylish way. I joyfully bring women deep transformative experiences, so they can experience a new sense of well being and power in their bodies to allow their true essence to shine.

  3. Ask yourself how this connects to your core story? What areas of your life have been impacted in the journey to become who you are today? What is the consistent theme? For example, you may not feel worthy. So your relationships and health are continually affected. Or maybe you feel a deep sense of not being enough, so your finances and career are continually stifled.

  4. Where do you desire to make an impact? Write down the area or playing field (a.k.a. which industry) you want to be a part of and what core skills you have to make it happen. For me 10 years ago I was on a mission to change the health industry and how we use nutrition to reverse chronic illness. As I depended on my personal and spiritual journey, I learned so much more about how our energy impacts our ability to be positive and perform. I adjusted my vision to help impact thriving female entrepreneurs how to develop their unique identity and a powerful presence to grow their business. 

  5. Lastly, why does it matter that you make an impact? Literally think about the saying, “Who cares and why?” Now, elegantly take a stand for why your essence and experience can make an impact where you want it to and why it matters.

Beauty, this exercise can feel hard and frustrating, but once you identify the deep inner conviction for why you are here, well, the hard stuff becomes more magical, aligned, and filled with ease. Your yeses become full-body and clear. Your nos just the same. There is a saying: “If it’s not a full-body yes, it’s a no.”

Trust your gut. Cuddle into your coziest blanket with your journal and answer these Q’s. I’d love for you to leave a comment down below and share with me your big results! This is your magic, sister. Claim it! Own it! Be it!

So much love!