What’s your unique vibe?

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Hey, Beauty,

It’s no news to you that we all look different, right? But are you connected to the vibe you need to express to magnetize your world to you?

You are a beauty ready to shine for all the expertise you own. It’s time to drop the veil and show your true spirit. Let’s take your craft and create a powerful impact!

One of the biggest issues my clients come to me with is their identity. They don’t know what it’s supposed to look like. So before we even look at clothing or anything else, we go deep inside the body to check out the emotional landscape.

Style is an internal process that is expressed externally. So many parts of who you are, where you are, and what you do are taken into account.

If you live in Sarasota, Florida, I most likely won’t be throwing leather pants on you, but we will find a material that works for warmer weather and still has some edge. (I mean, who wants ass-crack sweat in leather pants? No, thank you!)

While we know the outer circumstances are important, diving into the internal world--well, that’s where the magic really is. Right there inside you!

Beauty, you are a miracle and the world is waiting for your impact to be made.

Tasting your timeless soul style will wake up your inner spirit, so you can craft a dream that will impact the way the world experiences your presence.

You get to design your reality. All your feelings create priceless experiences that lead you to your greatness, but only when you’re conscious of harnessing them! I teach you how to do this in my signature program, Create Your Soul Style.

Using your inspiration and work from the past two emails, Finding the Magic of Your Brand & Who Are You Influencing, dig in and find your value. Now, dream up: What does that look like in physical form? This is a game--have fun. There is nothing more creative and expressive than having fun!

Grab my Style with Soul Pinterest Guide. This will walk you through the delicate details of expanding your mind, your vision, and looking for clues that may be hiding in plain sight. You will become more intuitive and clear about the physical vision of your business.  There will be patterns that pop out at you that your subconscious will reveal. Trust yourself! Your vibe will begin to appear and take form.

You, my beauty, are a creative spirit ready to unleash your genius. I’m here to support you in getting there, to make your dreams come true, and to hold your hand as you glide onto stage for that first or thirtieth speaking gig.

Find out what you’re manifesting in your unique, mysterious presence. Leave a comment down below and share with me what you results are! I’d love to see your pinterest board.  

Kisses to the moon and back!