Who are you influencing?

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Hey, Beauty!

Deep down I know you’re ready to step into your true essence and shine. Building a dream takes some real focus, magic, and transformation. I mean, if you want to create something new, you can’t expect it to just happen on its own. 

First and foremost, what you need to build the magical life you want for yourself is clarity.

Since the last note I sent you was all about Finding the Magic of Your Brand, we are now at the next level of establishing clarity.

When you realize you are the fascinating visionary of your dream and you know who you want to serve, influencing or educating is the next step. It’s all part of the big-picture details.

You need to find the magical chemistry between you and the person on the other side. Who’s going to use your product or service?

Manifesting a tribe of raving fans doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a marathon, babe. Stick with me.

I intuitively feel you might want instant satisfaction. So let’s find the pleasure in the process. It’s truly a game of hide-and-seek or peek-a-boo. You seek them and see if they come calling.  Sometimes they’re like, “Hey, I’m over here.” Other times it’s like, crickets. You will never know unless you try!

Let’s get creative! I’m gonna lead you to find your aligned audience.

There are 2 areas you want to find your clients/customers: psychographics and demographics. One is about how they think and feel; the other is more factual details like age, location, etc.

While it’s important to know the demographics, you can break boundaries and tap into a whole new universe of communication when you look at the psychographics.

So let’s brainstorm: Who are you reaching to influence with your work?

Follow these steps:

  1. Choose one person who you dream to work with to focus on: their name, age, location, profession, and how much they earn.

  2. List the activities your dream customer engages in: dancing, yoga, bar hopping, CrossFit, meditation.

  3. What are their core beliefs? Do they believe in infinite possibilities? Are they stuck in a rut from self-limiting beliefs? Do they think they can accomplish anything?

  4. Who are their icons, mentors, or people they admire?

  5. Write out all the emotions of the person you want to help. Are they continually angry and down on the circumstances of their life? Tripping everyday over the pile of laundry they are 2 weeks behind on? Or are they filled with joy seeking new adventures that take them to unknown places to highlight how magical life is? (You get to guide them to the next level.) Write down what emotions bring them up and down.

  6. Once you have the emotions listed out, narrow in on 6, then write out 6 scenarios for each emotion, much like a play. Visualize them in action, just like I did above when I described the laundry, but add as much sensory detail as you can. ! Maybe they’re feeling disgusted because the sour scent of their baby’s burping cloth is starting to waft into the air, or old gym clothes are starting to smell like urine. (I guess I’m a scent gal!)

  7. Now write out the problem you solve. How will you help this person overcome their problem?

At the end of this exercise I want you to be able to say….

“I help X do/be/have Y so that they can _____.”

I say, “I help thriving female entrepreneurs be more confident and embodied through personal style, personal development, and personal branding, so they can go out and be powerful movers and shakers making an impact.” 

Claim your impact, love. This is your moment to show the world how you can create new realities for your customers!

Leave a comment down below and share you insights! I’d love to hear your statement!