This isn't Superficial. It's Sustainable Style. Carrie Montgomery This isn't Superficial. It's Sustainable Style.

There is SO much more to style than just your clothes.

It’s actually a deep, kinetic sensation. Have you seen street style photos and wondered, how does she pull that outfit off and look so fab? Then, you might imagine what her life is like. Is she happy? Does she love her work? Is she present for her community?

Well, there’s no way to really know unless you know her. But what is apparent is she’s damn good at creating a vibe that fits like a glove on her body.

Soul Style has two parts. First is the PERSONA (or attitude) you’re claiming that day and second is the SOMATIC SENSATION (or feeling) you’re expressing.

Sounds a little deep, right?

Well, most stylish people have a clearly defined persona that they’re claiming on the daily. It would be:

  • Sporty Spice

  • Preppy (sometimes sexy) Teacher

  • Edgy Executive

  • Passionate Nomad

  • Modern Goddess

  • Retro Grunge

  • Vintage Chic

The list of Style Archetypes goes on for days. There’s nothing more confusing to your family, friends, and potential opportunities than seeing you dress grunge one day, chic the next, sporty the next, with no common thread. You end up with piles of trendy clothes that’ll go out of style. Yeah, the look of the moment that doesn’t work for your body or soul.

So, you try again, and again, and again. More like buy again, and again, and buy again.

It’s a total waste of money and time.

First of all, the PERSONA needs to align with how you’re truly feeling in your body. You might be feeling edgy, or retro, or a vintage vibe, but your body is tapping you on your shoulder asking for some attention.

Your body may be fatigued. It may be super tense and stressed or it may fill you of life force and excited energy. Where ever your body is asking for support, there’s a container you can step into to make you feel as effective and powerful each day.

A big part of that is being clear and honoring what’s actually going on, on a soul level.

You may feel low, down, blue and need to pull on that hoodie to hide from the world for a while. That’s cool, as long as you know that it’s OK to cancel those meetings on a dark hoodie day.

You may feel exhausted, but need to perform at work. Your body will need extra support all the way down to your big girl panties (seamless, please). Just pull on those high waisted pants and tuck in an elegant, loosely fitted, silk top for some ease. If you have the luxury and freedom of being able to wear whatever, wherever, then grab a maxi dress and release that fatigue as you glide with ease into your elegance for the day.

I know, this may sound wack-a-doodle. But, I kid you not, it works. I’ve been dressing this way to support my body and soul for years with chronic health conditions. This way of dressing has given me confidence to shine and attract a magazine cover feature and speaking at Maine Live. My clients keep texting me that THIS WORK keeps paying them back again and again!

Like Raechel…   “This totally sums up what you and your work have helped me feel EVERY single day! Truly a gift that keeps on giving - thank you!!”

Like Raechel…

“This totally sums up what you and your work have helped me feel EVERY single day! Truly a gift that keeps on giving - thank you!!”

You too can have Soul Style that gives you strength, power, and the juice to live life to the fullest every day.  I’d love to know what you are struggling with when it comes to feeling good in your body and what you’d like help with. Email me and tell me what’s up these days.

I can’t wait to connect with you.

Lots of love,