Love Your Lines in 2019 with Style

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How often do you look in the mirror and find a flaw? Yup, it might be a tummy roll, the lovely jiggle ripple on your bum, or the extra bit of skin under your chin.

Be honest with me… I know you’ve done it.

Looking at your body doesn’t have to be a heartbreaking experience. I want you to know the difference of  falling in love with your body instead of berating at it in the mirror.

I’m teaching a super special workshop for you!

Love Your Lines in 2019 with Style!

The reason I created this experience is because dressing for my soul changed my life, as well as hundreds of my client’s lives, for the better. With regular practice, I found myself...

More calm

More focused

More confident

And MOST importantly, I found that when I committed to a daily body check-in, I had a greater power to TRANSFORM the things in my life that I wasn’t happy with.

This is what I want for you. I’m going to teach you the tools that I know will give you the power to expand your potential and feel embodied confidence. That’s why I created 2019: Love Your Lines in Style Workshop, which is in alignment with your feedback about your greatest style challenges.

Love Your Lines in 2019 with Style.  This, my love, will be a theme for the year.  You’ll see it threaded through my work. Because, well, it’s the foundation of everything I do. And it’s exactly what you need to do to step into every day feeling fabulous and conscious and powerful.

MORE IMPORTANT than just looking good!

You might think style doesn’t matter, but it does, love.  How you present yourself to the world is how people perceive you.  You don’t have to be a fashionista, hell, I’m not a fashionista.

I’m a feelista that loves aesthetics.

Love Your Lines in 2019 with Style Workshop is a soulful way of tapping into what your body truly needs, listening to how it feels, and using clothing to support you!

This process is about learning how to make decisions daily for what you need to wear to be as effective and powerful as possible. It’s more about feeling good, than dressing trendy.

It’s also a great way to tap into what your souls needs. You’ll not only feel good, but you’ll look good, because your spirit is supported.

Your body wants what it wants, do you serve it?

Your soul desires space to be heard, do you give it the spaciousness?

Your spirit needs to be lifted, do you allow it?

So Beauty, if you’ll be in Maine Thursday, February 7th 6pm - 9pm, I’d love you to join my for 2019 Love Your Lines in Style Workshop. The workshop is $197, and subscribers can get $100 off the workshop with the discount code TourNE2019. 2019 is your year to love your lines!

Sign up by February 1st and you’ll get a bonus course - Desired Style Closet Cleanse - as well as 2 follow-up group calls to keep the line love going. This is a $597 value!

We’ll soiree at 6pm at Cloudport in Portland, Maine! And then I’m gonna walk you through how to ask your body what it needs to LOVE YOUR LINES and STEP INTO STYLE IN 2019.  We’ll be together for 3 hours, you’ll have a chance to ask Qs, and get clear on your body needs! The space is limited, so sign up now.

Can’t wait to see you at there!


PS. Not in Maine but are interested in the workshop? Let me know & I can get you set up to Love Your Lines with style online!