Big Loss = Big Wins

Carrie Montgomery Big Loss = Big Wins Blog

Have you ever experienced great loss?

“Yes, I have.” you say.

It feels like a hole in your heart. Tears in your eyes. You feel lost and want to crawl back in bed, unsure how you’ll carry on.  

I’m sure it was overwhelming.  All the emotions coming up in your face. You want to shut the world out for awhile.

Regardless of what happened. Loss of a child, a parent, a partner, a job. Whatever brought you to your knees, I know the feeling.

For me, it was the moment I lost my ability to bear my own children. I had to completely readjust my vision for the future. I had to inspect my values to bring life to new ones.

One thing we aren’t taught in America is how to deal with grief. I can’t tell you how many doctors wanted to pump me full of antidepressants to suppress how I felt.

Guess what? Stuffing emotions down never works. Buried feelings never die. The emotions will always rise to the surface. They will make themselves present any way they want. Potentially destroying a relationship, sabotaging your business, or a health crisis.

The best way to move through grief is to fully FEEL these emotions. It’s OK to be sad. It’s OK to be mad. It’s OK to take time for yourself.

Not being able to conceive lead me to the birth of my signature work, The Somatic Dressing Method™.  I wanted to create a service that supported women stepping into their power. I desired to help women find their true voice and make massive impact while doing it.

Fashion is a tricky system. From vanity sizing, to stereotyping beauty, to trend hopping, to mass media fixation on the tall and skinny (often called alien like women) females often feel like they aren’t good enough, skinny enough, rich enough, sexy enough.  YOU CAN’T WIN. Yes, the cards are stacked against you.

But, what if you could shift the lens?  What if you could look at your body through the purest form… ENERGY?  What if you could connect with your body through compassion, not objectification? What if your devastating moment was actually there to activate your true power?

Sometimes your greatest loss can be your biggest win. Finding ways to work through the feelings and get curious with the reality is where the magic happens.

Curiosity was one of my number one tools in recovering from the heartbreak. It’s also the number one tool I use with my clients. We explore how you want to feel in the driver’s seat of your life and what that looks like to embody it.  A true creative sensation in your body.

Activating energy inside yourself through the way you dress allows you to become a powerhouse in your world.  You can take ownership of your own space. Leave the how it looks part to me.

If you’re ready to step into your true power, find your voice, and stop hiding behind your laptop, let’s chat.

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