Value of Darkness

Value of Darkness

Have you ever felt that dark gloom hangover you? It looms over you like a storm cloud, threatening your relaxing day at the beach.

All you want to do is SHAKE IT OFF.  Run from it to the next sunny spot. But you can’t, it’s following you.

I spent the day with Elena Brower last weekend.  It was another soul filled yogi day. So blessed to have her come to Maine.  (Thanks to my friend Sarah for creating Leverage Events here in Maine, we have people coming from all over).

We journeyed through our bodies during the day.  From downward dog, to awkward twists, to finding your breathe in savasana (laying down and resting), to sitting in Lotus position practicing alternate nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhana). It was a fun exploration through the depths of our bodies.

I got a hit about my work, about life, about what gets people caught up in growth.  

It’s all about the darkness.

Often you want to run form it or think that you are less than when you feel bad. It even happens when you are standing in the mirror. Your eyes slips down onto your belly pouch or sag. Your mind starts racing with those oh so harsh thoughts.

Our society is obsessed with positivity.  And, hey, I like good thoughts, too, but the obsession makes the bad thoughts really hard to handle sometimes.  Yes, that warped spiral that lands you sitting on the kitchen floor with broken pieces of tortilla chips surround you as the bag is freshly empty.

The bad thoughts can take over, they can rule your brain.  Only 20% of our thoughts are actually positive. That means it’s HARDER to create positive thoughts.  Like you must work out. Oh my geezy all these things I need to work on.

But what if you flipped it and looked at all those negative thoughts as signals for you to heal, inspect, accept, and rebirth? CURIOSITY has been my biggest healing tool.  Instead of bashing myself when I feel blue, I actually get curious to see WHO or WHAT needs attention inside myself. I serve my body with a microscope or a hug.

That darkness you feel has wisdom.  Underneath it is information for you to discover. Once you step on that journey, life starts taking a very organic aligned shift.  As I teach my clients to inspect, so we can learn who’s actually there (the voice in your head). They learn to see and accept. Not lay dormant or deny the existence to a part of them.  But to embrace the dark and the light. I have witnessed in my clients have awe inspiring shifts in their lives and businesses.

From taking their businesses to 7 figures… to having babies… to getting dates… to attracting their dream clients & jobs… to moving across the country… you name it, these women have really stepped into their true callings. They have transformed their style from the inside out.

Style is SO MUCH MORE than just clothes.  It’s your whole persona… each one that is!  We all have a long list of characters that make us up! Your chic business look, your bohemian beach babe, your domineering dame, your nurturing mama… you name her and claim her.

Style is all about bringing forward ALL THE PARTS OF YOU AND LETTING THEM OUT! It’s called your unique look, your signature style, your way of being, your way of playing. It’s about showing your light and your darkness.  When you reveal the contrast, it can be seen and moved through you.

Who knows who will be there on the other side?

Want to get started with your soul style?  This is more than just getting dressed. Grab my Top 10 Style Tips to get started.



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