Lessons of a Bohemian Adventure

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When was the last time you threw caution to the wind and said, “YES!” to an epic and wild adventure?

For me, I can’t even remember.  I know I have felt trapped inside the confines of my body’s obstacles for the past 5 years. So, when my friend called and asked me to come visit him in his home in Ibiza, I answered with a resounding, “YES!”

My biggest lesson on my adventure was to TRUST MYSELF.

I took every step with instinct and one-by-one with hope that the next would work out.  I had no grand expectations of my trip. Just to relax, see a new land, connect with a friend, and find a yoga class.

What I did embark on was beyond my wildest imagination.  It restored my faith in the Universe as a driving force of beauty, freedom, and adventure.  It brought to life my inner nomad again. The one who had no problem jumping on a plane to foreign lands, but who got lost on the commitment to a stale form of success.

My arrival flowed with divine meals, hugs, long soaking sessions in the Mediterranean Sea, bottles of wine, and some miscommunication! What normally would have thrown me off course -  conflict and a little heartache... actually became empowering moments of expression, letting go, and moving forward.

Due to delays and recuperating from delays, I thought I had missed the first 2 days of my yoga retreat, but turns out I had the wrong schedule.  So, the day that I did show up was the day it started. Now, I have done yoga for 20 years, but never at a retreat. I had done no research; just sent a few emails around Ibiza Town looking for classes.  The only response I got was from Lena Tancredi. She said:

“I only do retreats.  We are full, but you can do a day pass.  It’s 200 EU.” (That’s $235 US. For 5 days of theory and yoga. Each meal was an additional; $20… worth it in gold.)

I asked her, “are you sure it’s not 2000 EU?”

Nope!!  I did no further research except found a video to share with one friend on the island.  I had low expectations. And did not believe the price and the beauty on the video were actually possible.  You can only believe to my surprise that it was PARADISE. Nothing but PARADISE.

Check out this video of The Ibiza Yoga Retreat by Lena Tancredi. (Unlike me, (I’m a research junkie) I never looked at anything else on the site, I was just more excited.)

I walked into this Mediterranean estate in total wonderment as the stone walls glowed in the warm sunlight.  The vista looking out over Sant Antoni de Portmany Ibiza ran my eyes all the way to sea then the sky. It was spectacular. Tears came to my eyes as I met everyone during the first theory class. And then as I walked out to the yoga deck my eyes welled and tears streamed down my face. I could not believe this was real.


Tears came to my eyes as I met everyone during the first theory class. And then as I walked out to the yoga deck my eyes welled and tears streamed down my face. I could not believe this was real.

I was in AWE.  Life had fulfilled a long lost dream of a land I had seen in my minds eye many moons ago.  


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The next 5 days became an adventure between an Italian, a Dutch, and an American woman.  We found guttural laughter in our misunderstandings of broken English. We found joy in our common values.  We found hope in our dreams. We found strength in our independence.

Synchronicity is a state of being and relaxing into the flow. My work creates flow in other people’s lives, but sometimes I behave as a pusher to get to market. It's time to welcome in a new state of being.


Taking in "THE WORK" through a new lens has allowed a new rhythm to enter, new faith to be born, and a new dream to follow.

My top 21 lessons from my Bohemian Adventure:

  1. Gratitude breads good vibes.  It becomes a natural state of receiving which opens up doors for more good vibes to come your way. Everyday I expressed my gratitude to my friend for welcoming me to his life. Because of the immense joy I felt, I become more open to a new and different rhythm. It also felt really good to express it!
  2. Sometimes healing hurts. But stay focused on the process and listen to your body. You will get there. I had a scooter accident that stopped me in my tracks and forced me to slow down.  I as lucky it was just superficial wounds! But daily wound cleaning and using the right tools during yoga to cushion the bruising was paramount.
  3. Look for your true essence. During my Quantum Healing session on my birthday, I welcomed in my goddess. She is alive and in full form.  She’s elegant and powerful. I had left her behind a long long time ago and have been struggling without her essence present. My Boho style came more alive and my warrior found some rest.
  4. Living through your persona’s allows you to incarnate your visions and desires. It takes time and the pursuit of a dream. Instant gratification is an illusion and we can only meet ourselves where we are and welcome in the next step. More on this one later! Remember when you were a kid sitting in the back of the car on a long road journey. It was probably hot and not much AC, asking your parents “are we there yet?” That’s what happens when we want to be somewhere we’re not.
  5. Love comes in all forms, but it must feel good. My friend and I went to visit an Ex and we have been on a long 12 year journey together. We are truly family now, but we know partnership is not part of the journey.
  6. Trust yourself above all and things will “eventually” work out. During each yoga session, I got extremely clear messages that I have taken missteps (like having my back surgery 20+ years ago and other missteps you will hear in my book next year) that have caused me to stop trusting myself. Building self-trust has been at the forefront of my work.  This experience sealed the deal, I have a trustworthy nugget inside me.
  7. Be true to your emotions. Express them. Let them be heard. And find a common ground. I got present each day with how I felt, what emotion need attention, and what needed to be communicated.  This style of communication allowed my Ex and I to be friends and family.
  8. Acceptance allows you to be free of conflict. Building my business, accepting what is, has been a core principle. When I told my yoga instructor, I had metal rods in my back and my back hurt after class, she said, (in her adorable Brazilian accent) “Carrie, don’t twist so much.  You have to respect the metal.” Seriously, sometimes it just takes the way someone says it to hit home.
  9. Believe in Magic. It will happen. I kept a little pocket of belief that life would restore a sense of faith in purpose and vision post infertility. It has been a rough road and my business has been paramount in creating a new vision.  When you walk into an experience that feels magical, aligned, and powerful, faith is restored.
  10. Keep your vision close to your heart. Keep visiting it. Welcome it to your presence. As I move forward, my life will be evolving, I can’t say exactly how yet, but all the signs are there and it’s about one foot in front of the other.
  11. Relax. Just breath. It will all be OK. You are beautiful inside and out. I did it. You can too! I never considered myself a yogi, but now I do!
  12. Choose life and it will choose you. Do what makes you feel alive. It may go against everything you have been taught or know. But deep down, you know it’s your way. Take ownership and embody it. You will love it and everyone around you will love you too, because you are present and taking ownership of your life.
  13. Every moment has value and is preparing you for the next step. My meandering, studies, changes in career, health challenges all have impact on what I do now.  Keep moving forward.
  14. You have a choice. Even when you think you don’t. You have a choice on how you react, breath, think, and move. I learned the power of breath and the only thing I can control is my breath and my thoughts. (And what I eat and how I move.)
  15. Divine intervention is about understanding the happenings around you, the good and bad and the lessons from it. The scooter accident on my third day, it slowed me down, and helped me connect with the women around me.  I could have run off on a romantic fantasy with a man I had met, but the accident stopped me dead in my tracks, it intervened, I chose sisterhood instead. I made a conscious choice not to repeat depleting patterns.
  16. Strong, confident, and elegant women are beautiful. Aware and embodied women are attractive. No matter what they wear. Every woman on the retreat came with her own story, her own journey, and each one was looking for an answer or an experience.  They got it, because they were looking and it was beautiful to witness.
  17. Finding freedom is the adventure. Letting go of my preconceived notions of travel and asking for help when my body failed gave me the freedom to have this adventure and be safe and still have fun.
  18. Laughter is a great remedy. I did it everyday and loved every minute of it!  Find it, live it, and breathe it.
  19. Trust yourself, above all. I am going back to this.  NO ONE can tell you what to do or how to be. Do what you can to find trust in yourself.
  20. It’s never about your size. It’s about your comfort. Make sure you are comfortable and do what you need to do and fall into ease.  I am heavier and have more cellulite than ever, but I feel more confident and comfortable in my skin and that speaks volumes!
  21. Travel light! There's always room to find what you need. I brought some new items that I wanted to use for a shoot, but one I was in Ibiza, my style shifted towards my bohemian essence more and more. It was undeniable.

I love you! Keep rocking your bad self!  Let the adventure begin. Come over to the blog and leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.