Soul Style Spotlight, Michelle Cady


Are you ever curious how women build their brands? Well, I have some juicy details for you today.

Yup, a Soul Style Spotlight. When I get to bring women I have worked with to the forefront of my brand, well, you can picture it….happy dance in my office (and yes, I do have my white sneakers with gold studs on)!

Honestly, I wouldn't be here if it weren't for every woman who has trusted me with their bodies and brands and invested in working with me.

It is such an honor to do this work. To guide women into their bodies and true selves through style. Sounds so strange and, yes, I too used to judge the validity of style. I totally thought style was just fashion and well fashion was superficial. All of that stopped when a handful of women asked for help, and I could step up to the plate. My business was truly born then, and I have never looked back.

I got to let go of the years of struggle and step into the true gifts I have been cultivating my whole life. Guess what? My clients come to me with the desire to express their true gifts and talents with a solid image that feels authentic, distinct, and powerful.

So without further adieu, meet Michelle.

Health Coach and up-and-coming author Michelle Cady of decided it was time to up her business style for her new book cover. We talked about how she wanted to feel and what that looked like. We discovered where she was with her style and how to bring her business along. With a couple of tweaks and small added touches, we created more flow and a bit more edge to her look.

The result? A beautiful, authentic summary of her transformation from a conservative finance girl who has stepped out into the fitness industry and then transitioned into the holistic health and lifestyle world. Since she’s gone through three career transitions, you can imagine that figuring out what to wear on the daily, let alone a photo shoot, can be pretty frustrating for her. But to see her wardrobe match her Elegant Heroine style archetype felt rewarding and empowering. She understands why she’s wearing something, when to wear it, and how to source it.

Check out this conversation between Michelle and me.

In the video you’ll learn:

Why Michelle made the career shift into Health Coaching. (We all can use a reminder of our “why.”)

Michelle’s story of personal stress was a huge catalyst to change her life and career. She went from finance to wellness and really knows how to work with clients who are busy, stressed-out professionals either working in a corporate environment or entrepreneurs on their own.

But more importantly, check out what she has to say about the identity change and how finding her style archetype gave her the freedom and clarity to step into her new style.

Since Michelle’s career was in finance, the dress code was clear-cut, but since she had never really done that in-between style of fancy jeans and a nice blouse and cool shoes for work, she just didn’t know how to show up. More importantly, after following me for awhile, she knew she wanted to have clothes that would help her feel more confident.

The confusing thing is that Michelle felt her style was a blur all the time.She was blending kind of classic preppy, but sporty, but trying to be edgy all the time, and then a little hippie. But when she shopped, it was a selection of this and that, and nothing really matched and she was a different person in different outfits. She was really drawn to the idea of the style archetype and really wanted to narrow down to who she really is.

Lastly, we chat about the power of style strategy to get photo-ready for her brand shoot.

Michelle found an amazing NYC photographer who is just the coolest woman. Her photographer was amazed at how well-planned for a photo shoot she was. What I love it how Zen Michelle felt on the day of. She wasn’t stressed out or anxious about the clothes because she knew what jewelry went with what clothes. Well, that’s because we planned, planned, planned!  And she nailed it. See it for yourself here.

Here is the beauty of the true inner and outer style work. You transform! And in the end, you are left with this beautiful manifestation you can look at and, “Woot, woot! I did it!”

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your hard work coming into the physical world.  It takes dedication, a vision, passion and a deep desire to see a result.

We created a plan, and Michelle nailed it. I'm so proud of her for just digging in and saying, "Well, this is the process. I'm going to go in and just do it." And we did this all virtually, too, which is so cool.

We don’t do this biz and life thing on our own. Your business, your career, and your life are all asking you to step into your true identity.

Check out Michelle’s new site and be on the lookout for her upcoming book launch. You do not want to miss this one.

With love and style,