The Power of Knowing Your Style Archetype

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Style isn’t a frivolous hobby. It’s about the way you show up for yourself in the world. I am going to illustrate the concept of Style Archetype and how it transforms methods of dressing and choosing clothes that represent your true style.

What is your Style Archetype?

It’s your alter ego. It’s your story plus the future vision you hold of yourself which meet to help you manifest the true you.  

The power of knowing your Style Archetype

Your style archetype is who you are, it’s your story. It’s the things you’ve worked through or experienced in the past to get to who you are now.

But, it’s also the future you and where you desire to be. You are constantly fine tuning that and what that looks like.

You can slowly track forward towards the future you, who you desire to be, while still staying authentic to who you are because the minute you disassociate from who you are, you send out these reverberating signals that you are not telling the truth.

And once you start trying to build your personal brand, if you're misrepresenting or blocking your authentic self, and not staying true to your own vulnerable story, people will be able to tell that something's misaligned.

But the minute you get into your story and start moving towards that future you, you will find this clear, concise, authentic way to relate to yourself and the rest of the world. You'll have no vulnerability shame around speaking about your obstacles in life.

For example, I can talk about my worth and value my issues now because I know that I am a fierce warrior that has gone through a million crazy things. Often, it's the most capable and smartest women who feel imposter syndrome, and by identifying your style archetype and connecting to your body differently, you can begin to solve this problem.

Meet Anastasia Durbala

I’m excited to introduce you to Anastasia. She was a participant in the first round of Create Your Soul Style, and I’ve loved watching how she’s embraced her style archetype to transform the way she dresses and chooses clothes.

Anastasia has got this very pristine way of executing her life.  She has gotten crystal clear on her story and her process, so she was able to move past her style hangups and show up in a more confident and authentic-to-her way.

She’s really soaring forward and owning her style archetype - the Chic Maven.

Her take on the Style Archetype process
Style archetype: Chic Maven

What happened once you knew your style archetype?

"I started to feel like once I knew my style archetype, I knew that I wasn’t playing up to my fullest potential. When you wake up one day and feel like, “Look at my body,  I’m having a little bit of a hard time today!” You know you’re having a hard time accepting yourself. When you know your style archetype, you can instead say, “I am a chic maven, and it doesn’t matter what my body looks like. This is how I feel, and this is who I am.”


Carrie helps you learn to listen to what your body needs to handle the day. Establishing my style archetype of Chic Maven has helped me hone in on the support of structured clothing that has personality through asymmetrical design. Some days you need to be more “on” for client meetings, while some days you need to be resting and restoring. Each day calls for different clothes. For me, I learned that structure with stretch works well for me on the client meeting days. I stand up straighter and feel the strength of my core carrying me through the day. On a day of rest, I found that what my body needs is softness and support. That might mean a soft cotton top with leggings.

Carrie has created a sacred space that makes it safe for you to share with the other participants in the group where you are at in the process and what you are experiencing. The exercises that Carrie takes you through allow her to discern what might work for you as you discover your style archetype. She is with you each step of the way.

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