Your Guide to Crystal Clear Style

Hey Beauty,

My aim is always to give you (and all of my clients and community) my very best tips, tricks, and advice for getting crystal clear on your unique style, so you have the clarity and confidence to light up a room!  

Identifying your true style and dressing in a way that makes you feel good is all about your energy, emotions, and the story of your life. It’s true - finding your style is much deeper than picking out something you kind of like from the sale rack.

But the effort is worth it. Because once you understand what’s behind your energy and emotions, like where you store emotions, you’ll know how to dress your body in a way that supports, enhances, releases, and protects it.

You’ll feel more comfortable and more confident. You’ll know what exactly what to wear each day and what to buy because you’ll know what you're trying to accomplish with your body and life. Style can be a direct doorway to becoming the woman you've always wanted to be (and, deep down, always known you were).

Why are we victims of the fashion system and what can we do about it?

We are constantly reaching outside of ourselves to see how we fit in the world instead of going inside to figure out how we can accommodate and adorn our own body. As women, we have learned what the world will offer us based on how we show up and how we create our aesthetic.

One day you might be inspired to try a new trend or notice your favorite celebrity has pulled off a look you think is cute, but when you try it on for yourself it just doesn’t feel good or look the same, so you can start to go into negative self-talk. We’ve all been there.

The problem isn’t how your body fits into the clothes, it’s that the clothes aren’t right for your body or your energy.

Once we get comfortable in our skin by getting crystal clear on our style, we become a magnet for the rest of the world. We know exactly what to ask for. We know what we want to buy because we have a clear idea of what colors feel good.

We gain a clear understanding of what aesthetic architecture we prefer and what cut our clothes need to have. We know what we need because we are in touch with our emotions and therefore know what our body needs for support, how it needs to be enhanced,  what needs to be released, and how to protect ourselves from our vulnerabilities.

The three most common frustrations with style involve:

  • Time

  • Money

  • Patience

A lack of any or all of these three things makes you feel like you are not enough or not worth it. When this feeling comes up, you begin to feel frustrated or hopeless. You feel like you will never find the right clothing to make you feel empowered and positive.

When this happens, we tend to go back to the old and dreary. We might not go out because we feel like we have nothing to wear. We can't make progress in our career because we can’t figure out what to wear to project ourselves as the competent, confident women we are. We won’t expand our social circle because we're so frustrated with what we're wearing that we don't put ourselves out there, or when we do, it's a half-hearted attempt.  

Throughout my work, I have learned that when you replace these 3 common frustrations with my 3 new style resolutions, your self-worth shifts to a better place and style just comes naturally.

Your NEW Style Resolutions:

1. Love your body right now exactly as it is ~ Acceptance and Clarity

  • Dress for yourself now. It will make your whole life better because you’re surrounding yourself with beauty. You’re wrapping yourself in beauty, and you’re not creating the energy of, “I’m not enough,” or “I am not worth it.” You are saying I AM WORTH IT in every area of your life. 
  • Stop putting your life on hold. Make the most of every moment, love your body, let it hold you high as you live your best life in this very moment. Not next week when you lose that next pound or find that perfect dress. 
  • The reason you'll know what to buy is that you're connected to your body in a new way. You will know how to enhance positive energy, support an emotion, or decrease a sensation. You create a new relationship with how you feel inside yourself so that you can stand in the most effective and powerful form of you. 

2. Know exactly what to ask for ~ Confidence and Clarity

  • o you can walk into a store and save time by going directly to the sales associate who is ready and waiting for you. Rather than saying you don’t need help, you can say, “I need a deep V neck shirt or a long flowing dress, preferably with a floral print.”
  • o you know with confidence and clarity how to tell the people that are there to help you how they can help you. Because often people walk into a store and they don’t know what they want, and they let the people in the store get creative with them. But that person doesn’t know you. They haven’t spent time analyzing your whole life to give you the recommendations that work for you. So you have to be the one driving when making the decision about what to buy.
  • big mistake women make is not knowing what to buy because they don’t know what their style is. We end up with a closet full of clothing for 13 different women with 13 different personalities while the clothes sit there with the tags still on.

3. Know exactly what to buy ~ Focus and Clarity

  • f someone is super style-challenged, this is about insecurity. They are disconnected from  their bodies, so they just can’t see the bigger picture.
  • For those people who scream, “I can’t do this! I don’t like shopping. I’m not made for this,” I teach them to go back and ask their body what it needs because your body will tell you every time. It’s just a matter of whether you listen.

Through my work, I’ve learned that when you solve these three things, it ultimately shifts your self-worth and value equation. You learn you are the prize, and I love that.

If you are ready to stop putting yourself last and you want to get crystal clear on your style, download my 10 Ways guide for more soulful style inspiration.