Do You Have VPL?


Hey, Beauty,

This is really serious. Have you ever suffered from VPL?   It’s so frustrating. It can ruin any woman’s day no matter what goes right. You might even want to tear your clothes off.

So many women have it and have no idea how to fix it. It’s a sore spot for us to try and figure out what to do about it.

What is it?

VPL is VISIBLE PANTY LINE. It’s that nasty fold that pops out through your pant material when you wear the wrong kind of underwear with your best pair of pants or skirt.

But I found a cure-all freeing you from the panty line shame. Seamless is the way to go. Yes, my years of research, fittings, and working with clients have taught me that the pantyline ripple can be such a bummer when you put on a great outfit!  With age and a little less activity we tend to get a little softer around the edges. I know I still want to feel held in, though, with no riding up my crack! I want to feel supported and comfortable, yet elegant and chic.  

Well, now it’s possible. I reached out to my friend Andrea who owns Aristelle, a fabulous lingerie store. We dove into the thick of it. The results are on my curated brief, thong, and boyshort list below. Be sure to read through to the end, as I have a little gift for you.

You must check these out. I created multiple options for everyone, but I will let you know my favorites and why.

Okay, do you think you have VPL?

I know you don’t want to see the softness of your bum push through the line of your panty, right? You can go for the more full-coverage options or the skimpier options - I have them all listed below. Just in case you want to feel a little more sexy, I threw in some special lace options, too!

Let’s dive in! Say no to VPL…..panty lines no more!


These are my go-to favorite panty on the market. Yup, my #1 choice. After 11 surgeries around my belly, I need a little extra love sometimes. Plus the seam just disappears into thin air. They stretch and release with ease at every breath. Made entirely of soft stretch knit, this style adapts to your body for a custom fit.  Flat bonded finishes make this style seamless and invisible under any outfit. You can’t go wrong, it’s perfect for any size (and if the high waist is not for you, they come in briefs, too.   Click here) You will never guess the price. It’s a steal at $18. You will love. I own a few of these!

If you are looking for a little support with a little sexy these will be your go-to! The back is smooth as silk with great stretch. The front is strong and soft lace. I love the feel, but I didn’t love how the lace hit my thighs. The sizes come in S/M or M/L and I just don’t quite fit into them. But they do sexify the under-look at $38. Maybe for special occasions!


Sometimes the brief just doesn’t work for ya. I know, the covering the bum with anything can be annoying. I always keep thongs in stock in my privé drawer for these moments. What I love about these Hanky Panky undies is they are high-waisted! Yes, you too can have it all for just $23

KNOCKOUT is a new brand to me. These smart panties are my other new favorite!!! If you want the softest, most comfortable thing ever, this is a must. The lace is divine and it’s a little higher than your average thong. If you have had a cesarean, I can bet this will feel nice against your scar. Oh, and did I mention the panty has a moisture wicking cotton seat? Kinda amazing at $28. I got these, too!

These super comfy, sexy, and very elegant babies are great for date night!  Or when you want to feel an extra pep in your step. The flattering lace pattern adds effortlessly chic flair to your lingerie collection.

Where would the world be without Commando? I have tons of friends and clients that love them. I’ll be honest: if you are above a size 10, the M/L just won’t fit. Even when I was a size 6, it was a struggle for me to get comfortable. But with that being said, I would be remiss to leave them off the list. Going Commando sets many a woman free!  And they come in a cute little box, so they make great gifts!


These are my 2nd favorite panty. They are beyond soft lace. They feel very sexy, but not too over-the-top.  These are named Cheeky for a reason, and I love me a brazilian cut boyshort. They create a great arc over the bum, and if you pull them up over the hips like I do, the deep V feels luscious and sexy around the belly. These are an absolute steal at $12. Stock up on these, my friend. I am a size large, and these are true to fit. I love that they come in an XL, too. I couldn’t resist these either!

These Hanky Panky’s were my first-ever lace boyshort. I love the feel of them. It’s protective and comfortable, but not too bulky or heavy. My biggest challenge is there is often a small panty line on material that is lighter. I save these for lounging around in my robe. I love the comfort and delicateness of them. You really can’t go wrong with any Hanky Panky! I have bought many of these over the years.

Nothing like soft, sturdy lace and a smooth bum seam to make you fall in love with these beauties! They would be an everyday panty for sure. My only struggle was the waistline seam didn’t have enough stretch for me in a size large. But if you are cut around the hips, then you will fall in love with these.  

A biker short?! Say what! Yup, these are like no other. They are not Spanx, but they give you the soft hug and hold in from hip to knee. You def will not have VPL in these, and you can expand and contract over a week of events and under many dresses!  This everyday short shapes up right where you need it. It targets your tummy with an ingenious shaping zone, smooths through hips and thighs, and gives your butt a lovely lift. You’ll love the soft fabric, which stays comfy all day long. I could not resist trying these for some extra love and support down below!  Plus they are only $36.


So just to review, my top 3 suggestions are:

Chantelle Soft Stretch Seamless Full Brief

The beauty of being in the know is getting a free gift or a discount. So for the next month, until 9-30-17, you will be able to shop online or go into the store and use my 10% off discount code on underwear and shapewear bottoms.  Just click below and enter your email to get access to the code.

Enjoy the Panty Ride!  And just say no to VPL!



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