The Style Revolution

We just celebrated our Independence and Freedom here in the US. It’s my favorite time of year. Over the past 10 years I have learned to take an extended birthday and have some fun!

My Hidden Pond staycation was a fantastic way to kick off the holiday weekend in true chillax mode!

On Friday night we went to see a band called Rustic Overtones - it’s been about 20 years since I have seen them! The best part was that they played with my friend and a few teenagers from the Maine Youth Rock Orchestra. I loved feeling the flow of movement of my dress swinging back and forth as my hips swayed to the music.

It got me thinking, the way we are taught to dress is all wrong. It’s so disconnected from how we feel and how we want to feel. Trends take over and we often try to just fit into the latest threads that are being sold all over the marketplace. Or we give up and claim our style from a time in history and stay there, grasping at how it used to be.

The way we break down style in our world is so confusing. When I search for clothes for my clients, I sometimes think how the hell do people know what to buy? There is sooooo much out there to choose from.  

What is style really?

Style is about communicating who you are to the world.  It’s where the inner world meets the outer world.

  • I believe personal style is about curating your life's preferences, needs and desires.

  • It is a feeling that speaks for itself.

  • Words cannot describe it.  

  • Personal style comes from knowing yourself and what feels beautiful to you.  

  • It is a form of communication.  

  • It is a visual representation of who you are.  

I am committed to creating a STYLE REVOLUTION. I want you to look good, that’s for sure, but as a woman who cares deeply about the experience of humans here on earth, I want you to feel good, too.

Look good vs. feel good, that is the question here.

So let’s try something. When you get dressed, check in with your needs for the day.

Do you want to feel more flow?

  • Then put on a flowy dress.

Do you want to feel strong and confident?

  • Then throw on a great structured shirt, your favorite jeans and a great pair of pumps.  GO rock it!

Do you want to just relax and let go?

  • Then grab those sweats and some sneakers, go for a walk, shake it off and give your body some space.

The biggest secret to THE STYLE REVOLUTION is in your body. Yes, your body knows all the secrets that desire to be expressed. Find them, feel them, set them free.

Don’t get trapped in a style rut by wearing the same thing every day. Find your spot of freedom of expression.

Let’s get back to the basics here. I am creating a STYLE REVOLUTION. I want you to join me.  

As I write this, I am poolside at my parents’ house near the beach. My body is ready to go relax and chill with my friends. My body wants to dip her toes into the cold water and listen to the children play on the beach I grew up on.

All I have to wear is a soft, cotton, flowy beach cover-up and my bikini to step into my style today!

How is your style going to make you feel today? Come on over to the blog and leave a comment. I can’t wait to learn more about your style!

How is your style going to make you feel today? Leave a comment down below.  I can’t wait to learn more about your style!

 Lots of love,



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