To Muffin Top or Not...the High Waisted Pant Is Back

Do you remember the days of low-rise jeans? You know the moment: you checked yourself in the mirror and saw this little pop of flesh on the back of your hip rise up and out over the top of those awesome new LOW-RISE jeans and you thought, “UGH!”  

They fit everywhere else but not my hips….seriously, all I hoped for was an elasticated waistline or an extended zipper to raise the waistline! When I lived in Maui, I remember my stunningly gorgeous friend giggling about the low-rise muffin top. I have always kept a high-rise option around because, well, it’s just more comfortable.

To muffin top or not….I vote not!

Recently I did yet another closet cleanse (you can grab my Closet Cleanse Course right here) to let go of the last pairs of too-low, not-so-flattering low-rise pants. I mean, there is nothing more uncomfortable than a pair of denims cutting off your ability to bend over, not to mention the unsightly butt crack!

Here are a few great tastemakers who are fabulous at curating the current high-rise trends. Check them out! I know you will love what they have to show you!

Check out @the_salty_blonde! She nails the high-waisted bikini.  

I love how @baileyschwartz creates this

monochrome white fresh summer style.

Now we can embrace our curves thanks to @theashleygraham.

If you feel like a an unsightly “mushroom top” is hanging out, then it’s time to adopt the high-waisted pant! Over the past 2 years, I have been introducing my clients to this new sensation (which is really a throwback to the 60s Mod, 70s Disco, and 80s and 90s Acid Wash).  Now we have a more modern look with the high-rise bikini or high-rise jean short.

Try it out!  See how it feels.  You might find some new feminine flair!  Leave a comment down below and let me know!

Lots of love,