Integrating Into Your Style

Have you ever thought of relaxing as an activity, something you need to do? I do, all too often.

It was the Tuesday morning after Memorial Day weekend. After spending the weekend with my family at dinner parties and brunches and then a cold and wet Memorial Day in our apartment painting the bathroom and entryway, I woke up Tuesday feeling depleted. That kind of feeling where you go, “How do I do this day? Do I have to? What ‘must’ be done?”

After reviewing my top priorities, I sat on the edge of the bed in my robe, hair wet from my shower, thinking about my clients. The ones that tell me oh so often that they stand in front of their closets and think, “What would Carrie do?”

So I sat there, looked out at the clouded-over sky, and asked my body what it needed to be the most comfortable and effective today. That allowed me the strength, connectivity and desire to approach my closet.

Don’t you want to feel connected to your body when you are adorning it?

Fatigue can often cloud the synapses firing for you to feel yourself.  

What if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you could receive small bit parts from yourself throughout the day that when totaled would help you release the fatigue and revive you?  

It’s possible. It’s called integrating your style with your desires.

Here’s the approach I have found works every time.

Standing in my closet, I found a long, flowing silver skirt. I instantly felt my body release the fatigue and step into a bit of excitement. I then found a long, black chambray button-down that gives me a little structure but still has a chill feeling to it. My cowl ankle black leather boots were ready to meet my feet. I made the gold accent buckles on the boots appear seamless against the silver by adding small brass studs, a brass ring and a great gold and black bracelet. I wish I had captured it for you!

By finding the flow my body needed, I released and received the relaxation I needed to move into my day.  

When you get dressed do you find ease in the experience? Or does the To Do list take over so your body becomes a forgotten creature waiting to be covered and moved along?

When that happens, take a step back. Give yourself one breath and one question: what does my body need? It will tell you if you give it the space.

I would love to hear how your body is feeling today. Did you allow it to inform how to dress yourself? What did you choose? Leave a comment down below. 


Magdalena Skirt

I love the mix of gold and silver!

I love the mix of gold and silver!