Working hard to relax? How to ease in and receive it

Hey Beauty,

Do you ever get tense and find it hard to relax?

I’ll be the first to tell you, relaxing feels like a job to me. I am not good at it. I love excitement. I love connecting. I love to make things happen. I love to create. I love hustle and bustle, but my body tends to disagree. So do I really love all of that if my body tires so easily?

The past few weeks have been active. Filled with commitments to clients, to my tribe, to my partner, to my puppy, to my family, to my business. I consciously knew that I was overfull and was excited and worried.

Have you had that feeling of potential and fear in the same place? It sits in my belly and can get a little confusing sometimes unless I curate a more conscious experience.

So I carved out some me time. I made sure I hit yoga class as least once a week. I went to physical therapy like a religion 2 times a week. I took longer walks with my pup 3 times a week. I chose limited social engagements. I finally made that Valentine’s spa day gift appointment.

But I still couldn’t relax. I couldn’t lie back and let go. I had to keep talking and doing. I mean, I love to create.

Over the past 4 years, I have been working on relaxing interpersonally and personally. I thought it was about balance, but it really is about integrating my life and my needs and creating my ability to receive relaxation.

I was at yoga class the other night, and we were doing a very gentle shoulder expansion. (I gave up aggressive flow classes a few years ago to have a slower, more expansive and restorative experience with my body).

Yes, this receiving relaxation thing has been a process for quite a while.

I lay there in my galaxy yoga pants, face into the floor. Breathing deeply as my arm extended 90 degrees out from my body and 90 degrees up from my elbow. I gently rolled into my extended arm to expand the frontal space of my shoulder.

I knew with every breath that I was receiving relaxation. I was receiving a desire that my body had been craving. Yes, I was doing yoga, but I really felt like I was just being with my body.

Learning to receive is like working a muscle when you have been blocking it all your life.

Next time someone says, “I like your dress.” All you have to do is receive it and say, “Thank you.”

No excuses. No explanations. No pardons for your appearance. Just plain thank you! Breathe it in and allow your body to feel it.

How does that feel?

Lots of love,