The Soul Fueled CEO

I wanted to share this with you last week, but I forgot to put my oxygen mask on first.  I let the excitement of new adventures and focus on clients take over my regular routine of writing to you.  But something so amazing happened.   My podcast with Amber Lilyestrom came out last week.  My amazing soul sister interviewed me for her podcast The Soul Fueled CEO on inauguration day.

While I was talking away with Amber, telling her my life story and how we got to now I realized how surreal it was.  For the first time I felt completely confident, comfortable with my past and happy with exactly where I am today.

For years I have lived with my past haunting me and saddened by the chronic health challenges my body has gone through for 20 years.  I always felt like I was just not close enough to being satisfied with my life.  My life never matched my expectations or hopes and dreams.  But today is a new day and the work that I have put in to clear my conscience and step into my body in its full power allows me to be present for other women.

I am so thrilled to share this incredible conversation with you. We took a deep dive into my work in the world and how it has transformed lives of other women.

You can find all the details right here on her site.

As you know I am a personal brand stylist for thriving female entrepreneurs. I consult women on their image and brand projection to embody their soul and business with authentic style. I have an incredibly eclectic background from selling dreams in marketing, stepping into holistic health, years in film, and have made my mark in PR and design. I bring ALL of this to my business in supporting thriving entrepreneurs like Amber. We discuss the spiritual experience that awakened me to my calling, the health challenges that changed my perspective, and acknowledging when your life is not in alignment.


  • How I own my sensitivity to let flow happen
  • How I work toward justice and safety in my career
  • Why there must be a dialogue between body, mind, and spirit inside your business
  • What it’s like when the healing process comes slowly
  • Why we walk around with clothes that don’t fit
  • How to meet your needs in order to accommodate your body
  • Why style is one of the most central aspects of telling your brand story


  • Breaking my back at 18 years old and recognizing a call to greater purpose
  • Losing all movement in my body and struggling to heal
  • Leaving my job in NYC after 10 years of hustling and losing her creativity
  • Reaching out to soul fueled entrepreneurs I barely knew to create a community

Listen to the interview here.

Carrie dressing woman.jpg


  • How do you approach being connected with your body when going through health challenges and low self-esteem?
  • What do you do when your spiritual beliefs and practices fail you?
  • Wh at would you say to someone who feels too intimidated to have a stylist?



“You don’t just step into leadership. You have to rise to it and cultivate yourself to become a leader.”
“I am on a journey with this body. This is just my vehicle to get through this lifetime. My soul is pushing me forward.”
“I needed to check in with what my soul needed, not what my ego wanted.”

Head over to Amber's site and check out the interview!

I can't wait to hear what you think!