Own It

I know it’s your dream to walk on stage, let your heart shine to the world, and tell your story.  You deeply desire to influence the world with your message of change.

Almost every one of my clients is either doing this or working towards building a public speaking platform.

It makes sense. Public speaking is an efficient way to touch the hearts and minds of millions.  Deep down you hope that you will make it there. Deep down you seek for the truth about your message to be revealed.

At times you think:

Am I worth it?

Will all this work pay off?

Am I going to be able to do this? 

Can I help others?

Am I a phony?

The truth is that no one knows until you put one fearless step in front of the other. Life does not happen in your mind. Inspiration, imagination, creativity, and influence do. But actually taking the steps to own your message, embody your spirit, and create raving fans happens with daily discipline to actualize your dream.

You are ready to do this.  You are stepping into your true self.

What it takes to embody a message is intense inner awareness. But it also takes the creative expression visually and externally to communicate it.

Think about some of your favorite experiences.  Just sit there and take a trip down memory lane. 

Where were you? 

What do you see around you?

What does your mouth taste like?

What sounds do you hear?

What does the air smell like? 

Were you just sitting in a two-dimensional world?  

No, you were deep into your senses in a full body consumption of the feeling of the air, the taste in your mouth, the lights around you, the sounds you heard, the scent in the air.

You were experiencing everything and you were easily making sense of it all. If you chose a favorite memory, I’m pretty sure you have a smile on your face right now.

Capture that feeling. 

Capture that joy. 

Capture that energy. 

Store it for cellular memory. 

Own it!

Take that feeling and embody it in front of the camera every time.  When you forget it, go back there. Create a mantra.  Burn it on your wrist.  Post pictures.  Do anything to make sure you own that vibe.

So many times, I get to a photoshoot and my client is resisting expression. She is not wanting to look or feel weird. It’s scary to express yourself to a bare audience or to a metal box with a person behind it.

What we know is that the camera creates a 2-D world. So your expression needs to be larger than life. You are projecting your energy through the lens of the camera. You are creating emotion that will be read on the other end. Your potential customer actually needs to understand the expression on your face and the environment you are in to get to know you.

What does this have to do with clothes?

Well, it proposes the purpose and importance of what you wear. For your clients to know and trust you, they need to connect to you. Before you spend hours trying to figure out what shirt looks good or what pants go with the fabric of your soul, take a step back and step into embodiment.

Go back to that experience you so favorably remembered.  Now let’s take it to a new level.  What is one activity you can do that creates a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, joy and flow?  

For me its swimming.  I feel flow.  I feel power.  I love the water.

You gotta have one activity that creates a sense of positive esteem.  You must be able to access the memory of it and embody it.  I guarantee you, there isn’t a single article of clothing that will express the power of your brand.  Your message stands a to be lost in translation because you have abandoned yourself.

What activity gives you positive feedback and creates flow?

This feeling created by your action is now confidence.  You actually hold the cellular memory in your muscles. 

I would love to hear what gets you into your power. 

To own it you need to live it, so tell me where did you go down memory lane?

Much Love,