The Visibility Factor

The hardest part about being visible is to love yourself through every step.

You will feel…








But you will have to do it anyway. There is a balance between transparency, authenticity, vulnerability and self protection.

You must be vulnerable to win hearts.

You must be authentic to earn trust.

You must be transparent to open doors.

You must self protect to survive.

It sounds like there are contradictions.

Go high, go low, but don't forget to glow! (click to tweet)

You might be thinking when will the floodgates of creativity turn on?


When will the support I truly need arrive?

Are you thinking I'm working hard.  But is it all coming together as you had dreamed?

So what  brings you closer, stronger, more connected so that you can produce your best work ever?

Your body.

Your body is the most intelligent informant alive. It's your unique guidance system. It's your way to safely open up and identify what needs to be seen and heard.

Have you ever walked off stage after sharing your heartfelt secrets to success and felt the wave of utter fear flood through you. It's vulnerability shame.

The worst kinda hangover from being honest, motivated, and transformative.

What if I told you it didn't have to be this way?

That you could embrace your body and dress to protect yourself. You could dress to enhance your story. You could dress to release your fears.

Clothing is a kinetic experience of wearing your soul.

What if I told you the story starts with your body. Your body is the container to your soul. Once we know your story and set your soul free we know how to embrace your style.

Man I love what I do!

I help women find their true beauty and project it out into the world.

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