The Embodiment Process

Have you ever sat their and felt vacant in your body?  Lifeless and checked out.  It happens to all of us.  Usually after a boat load of stress or it comes on with an expectation hangover.   You are stiff, frozen and detached from yourself.

If you are sitting there feeling a little less than fabulous I have a simple cure.

Do me a favor….think of your favorite song…  You know the one that makes your hair flop about, your heart beat harder and your body come alive!

What is it?  We all have one.

Mine is “Now that I am Real” by Chad Valley.  It takes me back to a time of transformation.  A place of deep hope and wild adventures.  I feel it every time I listen to it.

Now go turn on that song and dance to it!  

Feel it inside you.  

Let your body roll with the music.

Let the words sink into your mind.

Let the rhythm move your hips.

Did you do it?

What was it like?  

How do you feel?

What’s possible now?

Now go write your heart out or do something that makes you feel even more awesome!

Capitalize on your creative inspiration.  These moments pass.  It is your job to capture them and put the message out into the world.

Tell me all about it below.  Leave a comment.

Here is a little special something that I found the other day.  I was listening to Spotify doing some gentle movement and stretching at home.  I turned on Your Top Songs 2016.  As I listened I thought WOW these are some fun and great songs.  I checked the title of my playlist and realized Spotify had compiled some of my most played songs of the year.  So click here to enjoy!

Click here for Your Top Songs 2016 playlist.  

Much love,