How To Shop Online

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Hey Beauties,

As we jump into this holiday season, you might notice your social life picking up and the local shopping malls getting a lot more crowded.

If you're anything like me and aren’t a fan of spending endless hours battling your way through the crowds in search of that perfect holiday sweater or a thoughtful gift, online shopping will save the day.

I have prepared a few of my favorite time-saving tips to share with you today. There's a super helpful how-to video below. These hacks will save you time and energy and keep you aligned with your purpose of why you are shopping online in the first place. Let’s start with defining our reasons for shopping online.

The Three Main Reasons We’re Shopping Online:

1. We are satisfying our need of needing something.

We know exactly what we want and why, so we go looking for it.

2. We're just browsing.

We don’t feel like buying, but we still want to see what is out there and find browsing to be a relaxing way to spend some time.

3. We are filling a void.

We need the high of making a transaction. This is one way that online shopping can be a healthy outlet for us. We can shop around and pick out a few thing we like and then abandon our cart. This makes it easy not to overspend when we are not feeling our best. If we still want the item a few days later, we can go for it.

Watch the video below for an even more in depth how-to.

Online Shopping 101

So, let’s say you need the perfect holiday sweater for your next Christmas party. If you go into the shopping experience knowing exactly what you want, you can stay focused.

Step 1 - Create a Pinterest board, so you have somewhere to pin all the items you want to consider. This will help you make a choice later on.

Step 2 - The first thing you want to do is narrow down your parameters. Before you begin shopping, narrow down your search by the type of clothing, the size, the color, and the style. This will help you save time by eliminating dozens of pages of clothing that won't interest you.

Step 3 - Make a list of 3-4 online stores you want to check out. My favorites are:

Step 4 - Go to the first website and narrow down your search. Don’t forget to select your price point. This can save a lot of time.  And ALWAYS filter the price from LOW to HIGH.

Step 5 - Look through the available sweaters and pin any of the top contenders.

Step 6 - When you are done browsing, check out your pins and make your choice. It can be this simple.

This also works great when you are looking for gifts. I keep a running Pinterest board for gifts, which saves me so much time throughout the year.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and that they save you the hassle of long lines!


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