How to Organize Your Closet for Seamlessly Stylish Mornings

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I think most women struggle with getting dressed in the morning.

Maybe your closet is overstuffed with clothes you don’t wear or that don’t fit anymore.

Or maybe you throw on the same uniform every day (whether it’s yoga pants or job attire) with little thought.

Getting dressed in the morning can be a joyful experience.... seriously.

What you need is a system to simplify + streamline the process of getting dressed to ensure you always look incredible in the least amount of time possible.

Unfortunately, chaotic closets and being unsure of your soul style stands in the way of many women having seamless experiences when it comes to dressing themselves. At the best of times, you might throw something on in a rush and ignore the fact that you feel uncomfortable or even stressed out in what you have on.

Watch the video or read below to learn how to organize your closet and a new way of dressing yourself



Here are my 4-Step Process for Organizing Your Closet Easily and Efficiently:

Step 1 - Have 1 or 2 hanging racks for shorter items such as shorts, pants, t-shirts, etc. They can stack directly on top of each other so that you can look right at them and see everything.

Step 2 - Have 1 hanging rack for long clothes such as long dresses, long skirts, jackets, etc.

Step 3 - Organize your closet Left to Right: Dark to Light. This will allow you to categorize your clothing into color zones.

Step 4 - Organize each color zone by fabric and lastly by sleeve length.

Extra Tip: Be Intentional with Your Labels

I keep all of my labels to the right because this means you are facing the future. If you keep your labels facing the left, it means you are looking back. If the labels are intermixed, it means that you are confused. It’s important to be intentional with your labels because let’s face it: we can use all the support we can get.

How to use your closet every morning:

It might sound weird to think of “using” your closet - but there are some rituals you can use to make getting dressed the inspirational start to the day you need to show up with a confident and centered presence all day long.

Ritual 1 - Know how you feel before you enter your closet.

Do you feel joyful, edgy, sensitive and/or vulnerable?

The purpose here is to determine what color and fabric of clothing will best support you before you even walk into your closet. Every morning, take a moment to connect to your body and ask yourself how you feel and how you will adorn yourself to achieve the results you are looking for today.

For example, if I am feeling edgy I might want to wear black, burgundy, or edgy jewelry. If I am feeling sensitive, I might want to wear an oversized sweater with tights. If I need to go to a meeting, I might pull it in with a nice belt. It all depends on who your audience is for the day.

Ritual 2 - Feel your clothes and give your body what she wants

When you open your closet and go to the color zone, you’ve decided on, start touching your clothing.

What feels good to you? A soft cashmere, tight sweater, or something else? Try it on and if it feels right and like it’s protecting your emotions, then go for it.

Carve out some free time in your schedule to get to know what your body needs and wants.

Try on different fabrics and see what they will do for you. The structured button-up shirt will give you a completely different feeling than a trendy concert t-shirt so play around a little.

See how your clothing makes you feel, so you already know what to turn to when.

And if you're majorly overwhelmed when opening your closet, get some help transforming it into a style sanctuary that inspires and delights you.